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Desayunos Tecnológicos: ECM debate in Spain


The Spanish publication Revista ByteTI regularly hosts an event called “Desayunos Tecnológicos”, where specialists come together in the setting of a business breakfast to debate and exchange ideas on a specific topic. The atmosphere is both relaxed and professional.

Last week, I joined the “Desayuno Tecnológico” about ECM and document management. Together with other industry leaders, we discussed the state of enterprise content management in Spain. We all agreed that, fortunately, we don’t usually need to explain the basics anymore, as ECM has become a commodity in most companies, and most managers understand that ECM is an integral part of running a business well. Today’s challenges center on the innovations and developments taking place in the market. When it comes to overcoming these challenges, most companies are not aware of the full potential document management solutions offer. ECM, or content services as Gartner calls it these days, has evolved significantly and cannot be compared with the pure document management archives of the 1990s. Content services can do so much more. They incorporate, for example, collaboration, BPM, compliance, vertical or horizontal solution templates, and machine learning technologies to reflect the full scope of content and processes within an organization. Content services platforms provide access and make content usable to support office and knowledge workers in their daily work. They empower the entire company to benefit from the content they create.

Read the full article here (in Spanish).

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