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Digitalization: Start small, think big

| Julia Pedak

Digitizing processes, meeting compliance requirements, connecting business areas with external partners. The goals of companies are universal in every sector. At the SER Roadshow, Stephan Kizina talks with participants to find out what challenges they face and helps them to find new solutions.

Stephan, you’ve been to quite a few cities this year. You’ve officially reached the halfway point of your trip. What can you tell us so far?

It doesn’t matter if I’m in Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Berlin or Zurich, everyone who came to the Roadshow was facing the same challenges, even if they came from completely different business areas or industries. They all have information silos and too many IT systems. For 60 to 70% of their activities, they often don’t have one leading system and are forced to improvise. I mean, we all know what it’s like to get stuck in the email and Excel rabbit hole. The people who came to the Roadshow were searching for solutions that would put an end to these kinds of time-consuming searches, unclear processes and complex compliance-related measures at their company. Our job is to show them what they can do.

Why is it so hard for companies to deal with digitalization?

Most of the participants are well aware of single areas that need to be digitized. Invoice processing, contract management, HR files, etc. — these are tangible and achievable digitalization projects. And Doxis, of course, can help them there. But, even more important, is the big picture: company-wide digitalization. The audiences of the Roadshow learned quickly just how crucial it is to look beyond departments. Because, if they don’t, they will end up creating even more isolated solutions that don’t really fit together. And that’s just scratching the surface of the problem. What companies really need in the long-term is a platform that allows them to launch several solutions at once and which can be adapted at any time. The Doxis platform is capable of this. It offers completely new strategic possibilities and opens many eyes!

What were the Roadshow participants most excited about?

Very clearly, it was the concept of a company-wide digitalization platform. As soon as we showed them the colorful Doxis “application tree”, a wave of murmurs went through the room. The participants were very interested. At the same time, it was clear for many of them that a platform strategy is no short-term project. But many recognized this as an advantage. Sure, quick-win projects may seem great at first, but they often end up isolated in the company. As I like to tell the participants, if you want to have long-term digital success, then start small and realistic. When the participants realize that this is possible with the Doxis platform, their eyes light up! I can literally see how they are developing their own vision of company-wide digitalization. Consolidating the IT landscape, end-to-end digitalization, uninterrupted processes: All this is the goal — and we help them get there.

The SER Roadshow continues its tour through Germany and Austria over the next few months. A last message to those who haven’t been to a Roadshow event?

Come join us! We look forward to helping you discover the digital potential in your company!

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