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Gartner ITxpo Dubai 2017

The three-day event featured a fully loaded agenda on various IT topics, covering specific industry and local needs plus a busy exhibition area. Here, we showcased the benefits of ECM and BPM on a unified platform and were confirmed that this is something IT leaders are looking for. Our time at the event was covered with many talks and idea exchanges – sometimes more generally about ECM and BPM and why their role in the modern IT tool set is so important, other times we had very specific discussions on particular use cases and upcoming projects. The availability of 13 languages of our Doxis suite – even fully localized in Arabic – was definitely an asset. This was visually underlined by our bi-lingual presence in Arabic and English at the ITxpo hall.


Also Gartner is foreseeing IT platforms as one of the main pillars CIOs and IT experts need to have on their short-term agenda.


There were many points in the different keynotes and presentations that funnel back into the essence of our vision and mission and why we think it is important to stay focused, but be open and future-driven at the same time.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue and for getting in touch with everyone we had vivid and insirational conversations with over the course of the event. All there is to say, it was fruitful in every way.


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