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2019: JAVA versions subject to license fees

As publically announced, Oracle JAVA will no longer be free in 2019. This also has implications on Doxis users as the SER Group cannot provide free licenses anymore and is not responsible for 3rd party licenses. Our customers/partners now need to take care of their Oracle Java license administration individually – not only to continue using the Doxis CSB environment.

Depending on the usage, there are a couple of options we can recommend:

  1. De-install all Oracle Java versions from your computer, in case you do not need them.
  2. De-install all Oracle Java versions from your computer and replace them with OpenJDK, in case Java is needed. This also works for the latest version of Doxis CSB 3.04p4.
  3. Install the latest Oracle Java update in 2018 and never update Oracle Java afterwards – this gives you the option to evaluate the options without any time pressure.
  4. Get an official Oracle Java license.

We are happy to support you in this topic and discuss the options further.


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