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Over 2,000 claims a day – digital all the way

Julia Pedak

DEVK, an insurance provider based out Germany, provides customers insurance against 13 million different perils. Now, imagine this: Each one of these perils involves countless applications, policies, claims, etc. That’s a high volume of documents! To guarantee its customers the fastest possible service, DEVK digitally processes each document from the moment it arrives. What was lacking in the past, however, was a case-centric document management system (DMS) with automation-ready processes. Enter SER.

Today, DEVK has end-to-end digitalization with Doxis in the form of workflow support and eFiles for policy holders, contracts and claims. Furthermore, Doxis is fully integrated with SAP systems and both the customer and sales portal. DEVK's insurance management covers all divisions and business applications. The policy holders notice the positive difference in the excellent service that DEVK offers.

First step: process modernization

Fast processes, low resource utilization, high service quality – all this is possible only with fully digitized case processing that starts already with inbound mail. Before launching Doxis, DEVK had no workflow-supported document management solution, which meant that its employees were using Microsoft Outlook to assign tasks and send documents. It was also common to send documents and letters by mail to the regional headquarters. Case processing was done on paper; the documents were then scanned and archived. This process had some major drawbacks for DEVK: there was a lack of transparency in case processing, employees were unable to access the email mailboxes of others, and it was difficult to assign tasks when someone was absent.

The path to digital insurance case management

By working with ECM from SER, DEVK wanted to speed up its document management and searches and to maintain transparency throughout all cases, no matter the location or business division. From the very beginning, DEVK planned a company-wide and multi-step launch, which is why it paid close attention to stability, fail-safety, performance and scalability when selecting a technological solution.

The project was kicked off in the Legal Protection division, where processes were automated through workflows. The first big milestone on the path to modern document management was replacing the legacy archive.

A smart combination of DMS and SAP

In addition to Doxis, which provides key DMS components, DEVK also works with SAP. The case determines which system leads: If documents are the focus of the use case, DEVK applies the document management system. This is often the case, for example, in departments that process new applications, contract changes, etc. It is crucial in claims processing to have ready access to data. Consequently, DEVK launched SAP Claims Management for these processes parallel to Doxis.

A 360° view of policy holders

After successfully integrating SAP and Doxis, the business divisions started working with Doxis eFiles – a big step in creating greater transparency and providing customers information even faster. The policy holder eFiles, for instance, bring together all information on policy holders and their contracts. The DEVK employee immediately sees which cases of a policy holder are still open and can directly access them. Ricarda Schrickel, head of the customer center, appreciates the DMS functions the most: "We can make notes, highlight text and stamp documents directly on our screens, which is very convenient. And every employee knows where to find the cases. This really saves on time!"

Target achieved: Daily claims settlement processes

The next big milestone: DEVK switched to inbound mail processing with Doxis. Regardless of which inbound channel, the mail is digitized and assigned to the processor responsible for the case via the DMS workbasket. Inbound mail — up to 4,000 letters per day — is digitized at the headquarters. DEVK uses its own processor assignment tool to identify which employee – based on skill, deputy rules and capacities – can take on a case. Based on this information, Doxis forwards the case and all related documents to the digital workbaskets of the employees. Alexander Erpenbach, Head of the Policy Department for the divisions Property, Liability, Accident, Automotive Insurance and Customer Center Service, is as happy as his colleagues about the easier way of working: “The time and resources spent on mail distribution has dropped by 75%. Furthermore, we have access permissions set up for each department and document type, particularly for documents, records and processes. In the past, this was not possible in such a differentiated form."

"6,000 for each customer"

This slogan stands for the high value that DEVK places in being there for its customers: DEVK has 6,000 employees spread out across Germany. Collaborative work at DEVK has improved considerably with cross-location information sharing and digital case processing. The integrated customer portal, "MeineDEVK", has also greatly facilitated communication with policy holders: 35,000 customers can download documents, such as policies and contract information, from the Doxis archive.

The next goal for DEVK is to create a more connected sales network. With the integrated DEVK sales portal, sales partners can already access documents such as policies, invoices or letters from the in-house team. In the future, they will also be able to set up documents and trigger workflows to quickly forward customer inquiries to the right processor.

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