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SER meets with young talent at High Potential Day

| Lukas Moshuber

The Vienna City Hall opened its doors on May 20th to hundreds of students for High Potential Day 2019. Lukas Moshuber, SER Solutions Architect & Presales Consultant, represented SER at the career fair. He tells us here which skills graduates need to have for a career in the IT sector.

What is the High Potential Day?

High Potential Day is a career fair that has been taking place every year since 2010. It brings companies into contact with potential employees. But this career fair is like no other! At the High Potential Day, a preliminary selection is made based on the preferred profile of a company and of the potential applicants. The fair is geared toward high potential students who the jury selects based on their excellent academic performance and experience. If their expectations match up with those of a company, they are paired.

Why does SER take part in the event?

This was SER’s second time taking part in the High Potential Day. The career fair gives us the opportunity to select candidates according to a very specific profile. It’s all about quality, not quantity — this is what makes the High Potential Day stand out from other career fairs. In addition to the interviews that were scheduled ahead of time, we also had a booth where we could talk to students about career opportunities at SER. The special concept of the fair offers two big advantages: One, students have the chance to check out participating companies ahead of time, which means they can be well-prepared to talk to them on site. Two, the companies have the chance to create a guideline for interviews that are tailored to the type of candidate they seek.

The highlight of the event is the official opening, which features a podium discussion with the companies attending the event. This discussion gives us the unique opportunity to communicate our point of view as an employer and to leave a lasting impression on the participating students. The topic this year was, “Do you speak Java? How digitalization is changing the demands on employees.” This was obviously the ideal topic for us, as a company pushing the digital transformation, to engage students in conversation.

How is it that you became a part of the High Potential Day podium discussion?

As I was recruited to join SER at last year’s High Potential Day, I was in a unique position to represent both sides this year. My position as a Solutions Architect & Presales Consultant at SER also gives me a good overview of SER’s areas of activity. This enables me to provide information regarding SER.

What was the podium discussion about?

Since I was by far the youngest participant of the podium discussion, I was asked about the career plans and intentions of my generation. To be more precise, I was asked if working in a company your whole life is obsolete nowadays. I agreed in general with this statement, but I emphasized that my generation still places great value on security and stability. In my opinion, this trend affects how the working world is viewed more than the actual resumé of the person in question.

As a representative of a software vendor, I was also confronted with the typical stereotypes of people from this sector. I could honestly say that SER is a far cry from the image of nerds huddled in a dark computer room! We are innovative and offer a familiar working environment in which not just professional aspects are important, but also communication on all levels. To put it briefly: We have a lot of fun together at work — and outside of work!

For those who are now interested in a career at SER: What does SER look for in applicants?

SER is a software vendor, which is why we clearly look for applicants with solid hard skills. These competencies are a given in this sector though. That’s why we look for someone with personality, who’s unique. Every employee has frequent contact with customers or someone from outside of SER. We are not on the lookout for a pure code monkey, but rather someone with character and is compatible with us. We don’t just sell software to digitize, we are digitalization! That’s why we need people who think outside of the box and have the courage to change things.

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Lukas Moshuber

Hi, I am a Solutions Architect [&] PreSales Consultant at SER Group. It always makes me happy when I can help customers to automate or optimize their processes with our machine learning based Doxis4 Cognitive Services. In my spare time I am a music enthusiast. According to Spotify, I listen to an average of over 2000 hours of music per year, which is more than 83 days.

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