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Swifter service with fully digital inbound mail

René Wenzel

Many companies are faced with an ever-growing concentration of communication channels and a corresponding increase in message volumes. Today, customers, suppliers, partners and employees can choose from so many options to communicate with companies: from regular mail, telephone, fax and email, to digital media such as messenger services (e.g. WhatsApp), Facebook and Google plus a host of other digital communication channels, too. For many companies, it creates uncertainty, a lack of transparency and the need to switch back and forth between multiple applications. In the worst case, information goes missing along the way, is either forgotten or seen too late.

Take WhatsApp messages, for example. Lengthy internal processes — from reading to correct routing and in many cases forwarding via email to the correct colleague — can mean they are responded to only after days. And while interactive voice response systems and chatbots are able to obtain information from the customer up front, the lack of a centralized storage location accessible by both the call center and sales — and other departments besides — can often result in the information never finding its way to the right person. All of which means oftentimes the colleague handling the case has to ask the customer for their data again during the next call. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming for everyone.

Doxis makes order out of chaos

Doxis can bring together diverse information sources on one standardized platform and model any number of downstream processes to add structure and enhance efficiency. Users benefit from a clear and highly organized view of all necessary information. WhatsApp messages are answered in minutes rather than days, and product reviews are saved automatically. Negative product reviews on platforms like Google or Amazon automatically trigger the corresponding response processes. When an employee calls the customer, he or she sees the customer’s data directly on the screen. There’s no need to ask for a customer number every time.

Doxis systematically unifies all communication channels plus the information they contain and transforms them into a clear structure. If required, inbound communication can be automatically archived in line with audit requirements directly on arrival. A range of AI engines can be utilized to read and/or evaluate information for automated data classification and extraction. The system is then able to automatically recognize requests, inquiries, orders and complaints and locate all necessary information such as the customer or item data. It’s also capable of analyzing photos and their contents, which means photos can be routed directly to the correct department. Consider insurance providers, for example: While a photo of a BMW is probably intended for the automotive claims department, a picture of an overflowing washing machine will usually be a matter for the homeowner claims team.

Intelligent claims management in car insurance

Intelligent claims management in car insurance to streamline processing & detect fraud automatically.

Watch now

Doxis can even automatically translate documents and thus reduce lead times. This can be particularly useful if, for instance, you receive urgent messages outside of office hours or during peak times on anything from system outages to traffic accidents. By providing an automatic translation, the case can also be handled by an international team or colleague — ideally immediately, but at least to send an initial response to reassure the customer that the matter is being dealt with. In today’s digital world, most customers and prospective clients expect a reply within hours or even minutes. Days and weeks are no longer acceptable. The data collected by the system is used to launch the correct business case and involve the right people in the process. Vacation substitutes and escalation processes are also part of the standard solution. Nothing falls by the wayside and customers can relax knowing they can rely on a fast response.

Doxis improves the entire customer experience, helps you to build customer loyalty now and in the future, giving you the tools you need to respond quickly and gain a competitive edge.

René Wenzel

Hi there! I’ve been working as an IT Consultant for over 15 years now. Throughout these years, I have been primarily supporting international companies in implementing large-scale projects for automated and machine-learning-based document management. I am excited to share my knowledge as an ECM solution consultant for the SER Group and to help customers realize their digitalization targets.

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