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Utilities provider goes digital with Doxis

Julia Pedak

The electronic archive of the Frankenthal public utilities company had become outdated. It no longer met the performance and usability requirements. While searching for a new solution, it quickly became clear that besides migrating the legacy archive, ECM functions like BPM, eFiles and interfaces to the ERP system were also necessary. In a closed tender process with fixed evaluation criteria, Stadtwerke Frankenthal chose SER and Doxis from eight competing vendors. The utilities provider decided to go with SER because it provides both a company-wide ECM and BPM platform with an open architecture and the flexibility to gradually add further functional components.

Customer information system with Doxis

While 1.4 million customer documents were migrated and the legacy system was shut down, digital customer files were also launched. The customer files bring together all documents related to business partners of Stadtwerke Frankenthal based on their context. Furthermore, Doxis communicates via interfaces with the ERP system of Stadtwerke Frankenthal and integrates data into files. As a result, the 200 employees find all the necessary information in one glance and are able to quickly handle inquiries from business partners. Doxis has evolved into a customer information system.

Managing household connections everywhere

After the positive experience with the customer card, the household connection files were introduced in 2017. With up to seven binders per household connection, Stadtwerke Frankenthal had 15m³ of legacy files. These files were spread out across several locations, which made managing them very difficult. Now, all documents of a household connection are digitized, stored in a file, and readily available for the Stadtwerke Frankenthal team at all locations. The live preview function for documents is a bonus when searching.

Digitizing internal processes

It was particularly important for Stadtwerke Frankenthal to get a high-performing workflow functionality that can digitally map internal processes. Workflow-managed inbound and outbound mail processing, plus contract management, invoice verification and an order workflow were added in 2017. This helps to transparently and quickly manage documents.

Due to its high performance and easy application, employees quickly learned to appreciate Doxis, which means that the new system was well accepted within a short period of time. This allowed Stadtwerke Frankenthal to gradually extend its ECM platform and to fulfill its company-wide digitalization strategy.

"The digitalization of internal and customer-centric processes, supported by SER, is an important component of the overall digitalization strategy of our public utilities company."

Horst Schröder, Head of Shared Services, Stadtwerke Frankenthal GmbH


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