Customer Story: ECM SaaS solution for logistics processes across Europe

Faster transport & better service thanks to contact-free processes

Business continuity with Doxis SaaS

As a logistics service provider, Kombiverkehr offers freight forwarders and transport companies a cross-European network for road-rail transport. With around 900,000 truck shipments per year, each transport generates numerous documents, which the company manages automatically and completely contactless with Doxis SaaS. This enables the company to ensure that transports run without delay, business partners are proactively informed about their status, and business continuity is ensured now and in the future.

In our case study, you’ll learn

  • How Kombiverkehr is able to ensure business continuity with Doxis SaaS
  • Which advantages customers gain through digitized transport and claims management
  • How sales teams are able to work together more effectively with an ECM solution
  • How invoices of up to 2,000 pages are automatically processed

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