Doxis CSB Functional Administration Extension

2 days, 1st day: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, following day: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or as self-study course as eLearning

Content of the training "Doxis CSB Functional Administration Extension"

Target Group: IT administrators, Project developer and Partners

The Functional Administration Extension Course is designed for participants who want to extend their knowledge of functional administration. Practical exercises are used to acquaint participants with the many improvements. Discover the advantages of new functions and learn the practical implementation with Doxis cubeDesigner.

The training focuses on new features, such as Priviledged deletion, Deleting versions, batch scanning, the use of categories, virtual value lists, the use of access rules and the use of additional items for notes. In addition, the postprocessing of documents via Document Organizer Pane and the new “file from file system” are discussed. Afterward, the new function for restricting relationships is clearly presented. The filter function for value lists is discussed in practical terms and the extended functions of descriptor assignments are discussed.

Training is included in the price of the Doxis Functional Administration Basic training.

Self-study course


Price of participants 1 through 3: €1,500 per person

Price for each additional participant: €1,100 per person


  • Knowledge: User Basics Windows Operating Systems
  • SERacademy training modules: Doxis CSB Functional Administration Basic


  • Preparation - Databases and transport package
  • Notes as documents + icon library
  • Deleting versions
  • Priviledged deletion
  • Descriptor bar
  • Batch filing
  • Categories + icon library
  • Document Organizer Pane
  • Quick search selection
  • Document templates
  • Filing from file system ("Save as...")
  • Restrictions regarding relationship
  • Creating access rules
  • Contexts

Strengthen your knowledge in the SERacademy Virtual Lab!

Continue practicing with Doxis after your training in the Virtuel Lab Plus with a personal trainer and Q&A forum. You may book your package when registering for the training or up to 2 months later:


SERacademy Virtual Lab Basic

€300.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab

SERacademy Virtual Lab Plus

€600.00 per user & calendar week

  • Access to the Virtual Lab
  • Personal coach
  • Q&A forum


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