From chaos to clarity: Exploring the power of AI to elevate your document management

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Interact with, learn & benefit from your documents

“Let me tell you one thing: Generative AI is really not something new. Really, it’s an evolution,” says Douglas Cardoso, AI expert and SER VP of Products, as he kicks off this fascinating webinar on the ways AI is redefining and revolutionizing how you can interact with and learn from documents to work faster, smarter and easier.  

Joined by Max Gerrard, Director of Solution Engineering, they don’t just tell you about the significant financial and efficiency gains of AI-powered enterprise content management; they let you experience it in action.

This on-demand webinar covers just a sample of the AI-powered ECM capabilities you can benefit from. Want to discover more? We'd be happy to show you the breadth of the Doxis Intelligent Content Automation platform in a live demo. Book some time with our experts today!

You'll learn so much more in this webinar:

Which AI-powered capabilities can accelerate your daily work and provide better insights.

How SEW-EURODRIVE has utilized AI to automate processes, empowering them to achieve over 90% time-savings and 336% ROI over a 3-year period.

Watch as Max demonstrates mass document classification, information extraction, sentiment analysis, translation assistance, and more with the help of Doxi, your intelligent content assistant.

What you else can expect from a modern, AI-powered ECM platform.

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