Quality management with Doxis


Digital QM manual with ISO structure & integrated editing system


Automatic workflows for managing & publishing all QM documents


Audit-proof QM documentation as evidence in compliance & liability issues

Quality Management

With Doxis, quality management is made simpler. Seamless audit-proof archiving and AI-powered automated workflows enable you to manage and publish quality management documents easily. This means you can maintain an ISO-compliant QM manual that can be adapted to your internal compliance structure.

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Manage your quality transparently

Doxis is your basis for compliant quality management.

Documented quality assurance is essential, and not only in industries such as aviation and aerospace, automotive, food, and pharmaceuticals. In many cases, ISO standards lay out how quality compliance must be documented. With Doxis document management system, you document compliance in the form of an ISO-compliant QM manual. The integrated editing system helps you to create, update and publish content with full transparency. At the same time, Doxis seamlessly archives all QM documents and processes: There's truly no better basis for your (re-)certifications!

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Quality management with Doxis: Your advantages


Access the QM manual from all locations


Deploy an ISO-compliant structure out of the box


Use the integrated editing system for release & deadline management


Log all QM documents & processes


Archive all QM manual versions in an audit-proof way


Streamline your ISO (re-)certifications


Quality management made easy

At the LWL clinics, quality takes top priority. With Doxis, the Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe (LWL) fulfills all of the German KTQ quality requirements for healthcare. Read on to find out how the digital hospital manual takes the hassle out of regular re-certifications in this sector.


Digital QM manual

Map ISO structures quickly & easily with the Doxis QM Manual.

The web-based Doxis QM Manual can be viewed and modified from any location. Doxis comes already equipped with an ISO-compliant structure that can be adapted to your internal compliance structures at any time. Right out of the box, your QM manual is compliant with:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – minimum requirements of a QM system
  • ISO 14001:2015 – environmental management systems
  • ISO 27001 – basic IT protection
  • ISO 13485:2016 – medical devices
Mit Doxis4 nutzen Sie Ihr QM-Handbuch out-of-the-box ISO-konform.

What makes the Doxis QM manual stand out from the pack? Its integrated processes! The QM manual comes with all the tools you need — from creating documents to releasing, publishing and logging document management.

Marc Volquardsen, Product Manager for the Doxis QM manual

Integrated editing system

From work and procedural instructions to process descriptions and checklists, the integrated editing system of the Doxis QM manual helps you to create and assign your QM documents free from error.

DMS functions

Doxis automatically adds metadata to ensure your documents are correctly assigned in the QM manual. Use the search function to find any document — including all versions, digital comments and highlights — quickly and easily.

Deadline management

Do your QM documents need revising or reviewing? With the automatic reminder function you'll never miss a deadline again. You — or, in your absence, your deputy — receive the relevant documents directly with the reminder.

Verification & release processes

Who must verify what and by when? In the Doxis QM manual, intelligent workflows guide you through all verification and release processes. Doxis maps all verification scenarios digitally, from parallel verification processes to the separation of duties principle.


Doxis documents the entire process of creating your QM manual, including all versions of your work instructions, safety regulations, forms and more. It also logs who modified, released or abrogated them and when.

Integrated editing system

From work and procedural instructions to process descriptions and checklists, the integrated editing system of the Doxis QM manual helps you to create and assign your QM documents free from error.

DMS functions

Deadline management

Verification & release processes



Quality management meets simplicity — with Doxis

Quality targets, guidelines and procedures: With Doxis you make sure that employees across the entire company stay completely up to date on all these aspects. Read on to find out how the Doxis QM Manual supports your quality management systems.


Publication & confirmation

With Doxis, employees stay verifiably informed about QM guidelines.

Which guidelines are new? Have any process descriptions changed? Doxis automatically updates employees about changes in the QM Manual. Everyone can access the manual directly and conveniently online, including via the integrated intranet or employee portal. Employees simply acknowledge the changes directly with just one click in the Doxis QM Manual. Doxis documents this, so not only you can be sure that all employees are aware of the latest QM guidelines, but you also have the records to prove it.

ISO-konformes QM-Handbuch

Uphold & prove compliance

Shape up for (re-)certification with Doxis.

With Doxis, your QM manual is always up to date. When QM documents are updated, Doxis tells you which others need revising or invalidating. Doxis archives all document and manual versions in compliance with audit requirements. The result: Your QM manual stays verifiably up to date and ISO-compliant at all times — keeping you primed for (re-)certification.

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Quality management is only one side of Doxis. Take advantage of the platform's full potential: From eFiles and digital processes to collaboration — with Doxis you create a diverse range of solutions that integrate with one another perfectly. It's your basis for enterprise-wide, end-to-end digital processes.

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