City of Dortmund drives digitalization with ECM software from SER Group

(December 6, 2021 - Bonn) The City of Dortmund has selected Doxis4, the DMS solution from the SER Group, to provide its citizens with user-friendly, efficient e-government services. Digital eFiles and processes will enable the city to manage records city-wide. This is a major step toward establishing a state-of-the-art, innovative digital city government.

Digitalization has become a real game-changer for cities and municipalities, where digital services and administrative processes are delivering significant improvements. Accepting requests electronically, managing shared files across departments, processing and approving documents digitally: all of this requires digitalization to optimize processes and improve quality in public services. The City of Dortmund is moving ahead with its end-to-end digital transformation as part of the city's “Digital Management – Work 4.0” master plan. With some 10,000 employees, the City of Dortmund is one of the largest employers in the region.

Electronic files and DMS: SER Group selected in EU tender

A city-wide document management system (DMS) is at the top of their agenda. Its Europe-wide tender for DMS implementation was the next step in the digitalization of the City of Dortmund’s administrative processes. The contract was awarded to SER Group with its Doxis4 software solution.

The goal of implementing Doxis4 is to enable the city government to manage electronic files across all services using a digital eFile. The city purchased licenses for all workplaces to make the technology available to every area of the city government. "In the long term, we aim to modernize city government and make it more innovative and digital," states Christian Uhr, Head of Human Resources for the City of Dortmund.

Electronic file a prerequisite for digital processes

The SER Group has extensive experience implementing DMS projects and has already helped many customers from the public sector to implement eFile projects. With eFiles, a prerequisite for creating and providing e-government services, city governments are able to ensure the audit-proof storage of electronic files, processes and documents. Doxis4 can be integrated into many variations in all possible areas and, as a platform for eFiles and a central information hub, it also supports the roll-out of digital processes and connects with other business applications.

Digital infrastructure for end-to-end information management

During the initial, two-year pilot project, which starts in 2021, eFiles will be implemented first in the Personnel and Organization Office, the Finance Department, and the Surveying and Land Registry Office. In addition to the eFile, there are plans to also integrate Doxis4 with four other administrative systems. These applications support automatic electronic file management in the DMS and improve processing efficiency.

The project is not only going to implement a digital eFile on a city-wide basis, but it will also provide the infrastructure for the digitalization of end-to-end processes. In the future, not only will files be displayed electronically, but they can also be managed independently of location and thus more efficiently. At the same time, the eFiles are a reliable source of information for processing. “Step by step, we aim to go paperless in city government and switch completely to eFiles,” adds Uhr.

“Electronic files provide a range of benefits for public services: In addition to well-organized storage and remote access to whatever information or documents you need, eFiles can also help to ensure compliance and traceability,” states Stefan Zeitzen, CSO of the SER Group. He adds: “In this way, public services can provide citizen-friendly and efficient digital e-government services. We are pleased to support the City of Dortmund on its path to digital transformation.”

Learn more here about eFiles and ECM for the public sector.

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