Computerworld Top 200: Once again, SER Group #1 in ECM

| Alexandra Sieron

With the Polish IT market experiencing an overall revenue increase of 4.6% in 2019 over 2018, the Polish magazine Computerworld sees 2019 as a successful growth year. The strongest growth was in the sectors of banking, retail and public administrations. The year 2019 was also a very successful year for the SER Group – especially in Poland, as demonstrated by our ranking as the number one vendor in the ECM market in the Top 200 of 2020.

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Top positions for the SER Group

In addition to our first place as an ECM vendor, we are also now ranked the number one provider of solutions and services for the financial sector. Our SaaS offering moved up even four places to position us at #10 (#14 in 2019), indicating that SaaS and cloud projects are becoming more and more relevant to our target group. In the overall IT ranking, we were able to gain momentum and improve our position from #46 in 2019 to #44 in 2020. Here, we are standing against all big players in the Polish IT landscape.

The highlights of our positioning:

1st – ECM vendor in Poland

1st – Provider for financial sector

6th – Provider for education

9th – Provider for industry, manufacturing and construction

10th – Provider for enterprise and large corporation

10th – Provider in the cloud

11th – Provider for healthcare sector

12th – Provider for retail

13th – Provider for IT services (professional services)

14th – Most profitable IT company in Poland (measured by profit net)


View the full details of the Polish IT market here (login or payment required for full details).

SER Group significantly expands footprint in Poland

Apart from being ranked the number one ECM vendor of the Polish market since Computerworld created the category in 2017, we were also able to increase our footprint in Poland significantly. We have multiplied our roster of customers, many of which hail from the financial services sector. We’ve also hired new staff to strengthen our team, won new partners, increased the collaboration with existing partners and broadened our user base even more.

In times of COVID-19, we are also able to quickly implement new installations or projects with minimal effort on the customer’s part thanks to our effective solution templates, SaaS offering and a team that provides the same service and standards remotely. Our customers were and are still able quickly adapt to the new normal without losing valuable time or business continuity. Our collaboration tool, the Doxis® iRoom®, adds an extra layer of convenience and security by enabling external users to work on the same content and processes as the internal teams.

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Alexandra Sieron

Hey there, in my role as an International Communications Manager, I juggle analyst relations along with several international teams, PR and marketing projects for the SER Group. I am excited to share all our activities across the globe with you. Prior to joining SER, I held several marketing and communications positions at an international affiliate marketing network, where I worked 9 years. My other passion, good food!, started with a college job at a popular Berlin restaurant and hasn’t stopped yet. I try to explore the culinary highlights of Berlin and any other place I visit whenever I can.

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