Collaborating with external users in Doxis

Increase revenue

Streamline how you collaborate with project partners, appraisers and suppliers to speed up business processes and minimize errors.

Protect company knowledge

Prevent competitive disadvantages and sanctions by protecting your business secrets and restricting their availability to certain employees and business partners.

Safeguard quality

Document collaborative activities with external partners and transfer project learning experiences to other business processes to improve quality company-wide.

Our employees and project partners can securely exchange documents via the ECM system, which significantly shortens lead times.

Martin Mermolja, Senior System Administrator Customer Management, Sunrise Communications AG

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Greater team productivity

Share information faster with all internal and external project partners and automate document coordination and releases for a major boost to your productivity.

Reliable basis of information

Everyone can access the most recent document versions at all times, eliminating the time-consuming and costly errors caused by using outdated information.

Transparent collaboration

Transparently document all decisions with Doxis: Everyone can see the current project status, what is still outstanding and who is responsible.

Collaboration: simplified

With the Doxis® iRoom®, it's never been easier to exchange information and tasks between internal and external users, and organize and coordinate projects.

These companies already use the collaboration solution from Doxis

Safeguard the success of your business

Collaboration must be possible at all times and at all places: in teams scattered around the globe and with external partners. Without it, quickly implementing revenue-generating projects becomes a difficult task. Doxis gives you the basis you need — both to organize and work on shared documents, tasks and processes together with external users, and to ensure everyone has access to all current information. The result: You minimize errors, meet project goals on time and budget, and solidify the long-term success of your business.

Case study

The web project space is a really important aspect that makes project work much easier for us.

Jens Düssel, Head of IT and Organization, DEGES

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Collaboration in the Doxis® iRoom®

The Doxis® iRoom® enables you to create virtual project and data rooms for collaborative work — either as an ongoing solution, for a limited time, or for spontaneously formed teams:

  • Invite external users to join the Doxis® iRoom® via email and collaborate worldwide in 13 languages.
  • Access and manage current documents, tasks and processes online at any time you want.
  • Convenient dashboards provide an overview of collaborative work with activity feeds, tasks, reports and much more.
  • Make information available to external users for a defined period of time.

The Doxis® iRoom® in daily use

Virtual project room

Work with external parties, e.g. in construction projects

Customer portal

Exchange all kinds of documents: contracts, invoices and more

Supplier management

Integrated into your supplier portal, for instance

Secure deal room

For due diligence processes (M&A)


Collaboration in supplier management

Find out how Eissmann Group Automotive uses the Doxis® iRoom® to integrate its international suppliers into processes.

Protect your business secrets

It's up to you which external users are allowed to view and work on documents, tasks and processes. This way, your company and its knowledge are always protected. Doxis fully documents changes, completed tasks and decisions relevant for the next project step so there's no more second-guessing the current status: It's available for everyone to see. In addition, you have immediate proof of accountability in liability issues — for instance, to demonstrate compliance with QM standards and the EU GDPR.

Find the right DMS for your needs!

What should a DMS offer? What are the benefits you seek from it? This guide takes you step by step through the process of finding and launching a document management system. It includes practical information and checklists, use cases and recommendations.



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