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Island hopping? No thanks

Julia Pedak

Island hopping is a popular pastime among vacationers and there are some truly beautiful locations to choose from. But if your archive and document management landscape more closely resembles the Maldives than the mainland, it's time to think about consolidation. The Doxis Consolidation Service is your secure and efficient route to a standard ECM platform.

Companies tend to accumulate electronic archives and document management systems over the years. An invoice archive here, a DMS in marketing there – and countless file directories distributed across the various departments. With a state-of-the-art ECM system like Doxis, you can precisely manage workflows across your entire company and make information available exactly where it is needed. Doxis converges ECM, BPM and collaboration functions on a single platform. Paired with the right migration concept, your legacy structures can be securely consolidated.

The Consolidation Service from SER is a smart consolidation solution designed to break down information silos. Securely integrate your existing documents and data into Doxis while employees continue to work without interruption. SER has guided countless companies through the process of migrating to modern Doxis technology.

Step-by-step ECM migration during operation

The migration of archives, DMS and ECM systems requires true expertise, as not only documents and data, but also context and relations have to be transferred from the source system to the target system without suffering losses. Making things more complicated, companies must ensure that the migration process is audit-proof.

The Doxis Consolidation Service is based on the tried-and-tested ECM migration concept by SER. Not only does the concept minimize the efforts and risks involved in transformation, it also facilitates the phased migration of data during operation.

Especially when dealing with a high volume of documents, this phased concept makes the migration project less daunting and considerably shortens project lead times without disrupting daily operations.


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