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ISO 14641-1:2012 confirms electronic archiving expertise

We know how electronic archiving works. Now the independent authority SP Certifications, London* has confirmed this officially. The Doxis iECM suite is now certified according to the international standard ISO 14641-1:2012(“Specifications for the design and operation of an information system for electronic information preservation “), which describes the methods and techniques to be used for the implementation of an electronic system for managing documents within an archive. The standard ensures that your content and data is protected and immutable – an important fact, when you need to provide information for a legal case, an audit or administrative interactions.

A set of technical requirement and organizational procedures to be realized for the capture, storage and access of electronic documents builds the core if this ISO standard. Together with ISO 16175-2, this certification ensures that we apply the highest security standards to our Doxis solutions on an international level.

The ISO 14641-1:2012 is based on the French AFNOR standard Z42-013 “SAE – Systèmes d’Archivage Electronique” compiled by l’Association des professionnels pour l’économie numérique (APROGED). The SAE standard describes the design, the necessary system components and the operation of electronic archive systems.

*Doxis, Version 3, certified in India in collaboration with SER partner Lakson Technology Private Limited.

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