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Magic is in the air: SER Summit 2024 recap

The SER Summit 2024 erupted into Berlin with a bang on June 11-12 at the Grand Hyatt, buzzing with the energy of tech enthusiasts gathered from around the globe, rallied by the clarion call: Intelligent documents, smarter business.

This year’s agenda was a playground for tech aficionados, loaded with sessions on AI-powered document management, deep dives into intelligent content automation (ICA), and inspiring customer stories. It was feast of knowledge, leaving attendees equipped to sharpen their competitive edge, drive innovation, and boost collaboration—all wrapped up in an electric atmosphere that kept the sparks flying.

Day 1: Pioneering AI in document management

The first day of the Summit kicked off with a hotly-anticipated keynote from SER CEO Dr. John Bates, who introduced the audience to the AI-powered magic that can defeat the sinister "4 Riders of the Content Apocalypse” – Maelstrom, The Inquisitor, Dark Data and Paralysis all of which represent the core challenges in digital content management. Conjured from SER’s spell book, Superhuman Search, Sentient Documents, Magic Extraction and Enchanted App Creation form the magic of intelligent content automation. “All these powers combined give you the ability to roll out applications quicker, have a lower total cost of ownership, and a better return on investment and return on information,” said John.

Dr. John Bates giving his keynote at the SER Summit 2024
Dr. John Bates giving his keynote at the SER Summit 2024


Keeping the magic analogy alive, we then got into the customer presentations with Northmarq’s Heather Anderson, Jennifer Lindell, and Kevin McCollam, who took to the stage to present The Magic is Real: Intelligence Applied to Loan Management. Here, they shared the story of how they were once paralyzed by an outdated legacy system, but with Doxis ICA, they dispelled their bindings and can now truly soar. The Northmarq trio explored some amazing features like real-time data integration, significantly speeding up loan approvals, alongside customizable dashboards that empower teams to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing client satisfaction and operational agility. 


Northmarq talks about the capabilities of Doxis
Northmarq talks about the capabilities of Doxis


Next, we heard from Roland Gruijthuijsen of TGW Logistics who showcased the transformative use of Doxis in conjunction with SAP to revolutionize intralogistics solutions. TGW Logistics’ integration facilitated a seamless digital transition, which streamlined the handling of vast quantities of logistics data and optimized warehouse management. Roland highlighted how this innovation not only increased efficiency but also solidified the organization's position as a frontrunner in providing advanced, automated fulfillment centers.

The University of Vienna also had some exciting insights for us, sharing how their organization - the largest German-speaking university with 90,000 students and 10,000 employees - streamlined their development teams and processes with Doxis. Following them, Telekom MMS unveiled how Doxis has transformed the working experience of their leaders and employees by providing digital personnel documents, records and workflows.

But these were just the start of an absolute bevy of fantastic customer presentations that followed throughout the rest of Day 1, like Ishan Markus Hegele and Thomas Nordiek from the City of Bochum presenting how the integration of Doxis has catalyzed modern administrative processes within the city, and Christian Helmes from Wacker Chemie AG who treated us to key insights on how they creates digital twins with AI-driven content automation.

The list of SER partners and customers who presented on Day 1 is huge! Huge thanks to everyone who shared their critical insights.

Day 2: Advancing AI in global industries

Kicking off the second day of the SER Summit, Douglas Cardoso, VP of Products, showcased exciting new enhancements to Doxis. He introduced Doxi for Meetings, an integration with Microsoft Teams that simplifies content sharing and record access, and announced the new Doxis Cloud Launchpad, which offers a more user-friendly interface for accessing Doxis services. More significantly, Douglas emphasized the latest AI technologies and innovations in Doxis Business Studio, designed to accelerate time-to-value by automating complex business processes and improving decision-making capabilities. He concluded his talk with a compelling point: “We’ve seen how productive we can become with Doxis, being able to find the right information, at the right time, with just a click.” 

VP Product Douglas Cardoso discussing Doxis innovations
Douglas Cardoso, VP of Products, discussing Doxis innovations


Hitting the stage next was the ‘Indiana Jones of intelligent content automation - Dr. Steen Dupont of the Natural History Museum in London. He highlighted the transformative potential of SER’s Doxis in revolutionizing collections management during his presentation. He showcased how Doxis’ object-centric, AI-ready systems could curate and enhance the accessibility of NHM's 80 million items, bringing centuries of natural history into the digital age.


Dr. Steen Dupont of the Natural History Museum in London at the 2024 SER Summit
Dr. Steen Dupont of the Natural History Museum in London at the 2024 SER Summit


And of course, from SER’s Solution Consulting, Marc Kroll marched to the fore with his exciting presentation on Doxis’ advanced AI capabilities. He shared a dynamic Doxis AI Exploration package that includes learning, experimenting, and implementing SER's AI solutions, facilitated by tools like the Doxis AI Assistant. Marc also highlighted the importance of agile project management and cross-functional teamwork, bringing AI's practical benefits to life through compelling real-world examples. Wrapping up, he said, “View AI as a catalyst for growth and innovation. Be inspired to embrace the transformative potential of this technology.” 

Marc Kroll, SER Solution Engineer, at the 2024 SER Summit
Marc Kroll, SER Solution Engineer, at the 2024 SER Summit


Last but certainly not least, CTO Dr. Gregor Joeris took to the stage to explain what fuels the Doxis magic, unveiling an innovation roadmap fitting for the global leader of intelligent content automation. His presentation highlighted significant enhancements in hyper-scaled document management and intelligent document understanding, with notable successes in document processing rates and cloud integrations. The roadmap continues to leverage the latest artificial intelligence, showcasing integrations with large language models and Azure Cognitive Services to enhance document-centric automation. As the ‘father of Doxis’ Gregor said, “Even if you are not yet ready for AI, Doxi is ready for you, and the future.” 


CTO Dr. Gregor Joeris at the SER Summit
CTO Dr. Gregor Joeris at the SER Summit

All in all, an unforgettable experience

The fun wasn’t confined to the top-notch presentations. Both days of the Summit buzzed with fantastic networking opportunities, where attendees engaged in lively discussions and hands-on demos with SERs solution engineers. The event’s international vibe was unmistakable, attracting participants from all across Europe, as well as North America and the Middle East, sparking a rich exchange of global insights.

Overall, the SER Summit 2024 was a hit, with 9/10 attendees saying they'd definitely come to the next one, alongside overwhelming praise on the insightful presentations and the dynamic networking opportunities. We’re already buzzing with excitement for the next SER Summit, where well aim to outdo ourselves yet again.

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us! And a special thanks to our customers and partners who presented their amazing insights. Together, you made it all happen. See you next year for more innovation, connections, and even more fun than before.

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