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Mobile ECM for innovative plant and machinery maintenance

Julia Pedak

Take a second to think about who needs mobile access to documents and files... Do sales teams and managers on business trips spring to mind first? Actually, mobile ECM solutions for plant and machinery maintenance are more important than ever now. Service technicians are able to access all the information and documents they need quickly and conveniently from their tablet. Thanks to mobile ECM.

Regular maintenance work on plant and machinery is essential. It helps minor malfunctions and worn parts to be identified and fixed before they can result in unscheduled downtime. The service technicians carrying out the work on site not only need the relevant instructions for the scheduled inspection, but potentially also technical specifications, component diagrams, and records of previous maintenance and repair work. With the mobile Doxis client on their tablets, they can access the entire contents of the machinery files in the ECM system directly from the factory floor.

Remote access to the centrally archived machinery files is extremely straightforward – using bar codes, for instance. The service technician simply scans the bar code of the machine and Doxis mobileCube automatically opens the corresponding machinery file on the tablet. Technicians have access to all relevant documents on the machine being serviced. Then they simply open the current maintenance schedule and begin work. Reference manuals are also stored in the eRecord for access as and when needed.

Documentation and reminders

Inspection logs and maintenance records are essential pieces of documentation that must be held on all items of plant and machinery for safety reasons. The documentation of maintenance work is also done using the mobile client. Once the work is completed, the service technician simply calls up the maintenance log, fills out the form directly on the tablet and saves it to the machinery file. Saving the form automatically triggers a reminder. At the end of the service interval, a new maintenance job arrives in the service technician's workbasket.

Predictive maintenance – always stay one step ahead

Workflow-supported maintenance work is a key prerequisite for predictive maintenance – an innovative field that is revolutionizing the world of machine maintenance. The aim is to prevent machine breakdowns entirely. Intelligent monitoring software recognizes the signs of an impending breakdown before it happens and automatically triggers an inspection. With ECM platform integration, the predictive maintenance software can ensure the technician automatically receives an order for repair work in their workbasket along with information related to the plant.

The digitalization of production processes is fundamentally changing the plant and mechanical engineering sector. This transformation not only encompasses the digitalization of production processes and the ongoing evolution towards smart factories. It is also imperative that working relationships with customers and suppliers reach a completely new and digitalized level. ECM has the right tools for the job – for both administration and production.

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