Electronic files with Doxis

Improve service

With eFiles, give your customers and business partners immediate information, handle inquiries, order, etc. even faster and improve your service.

More efficiently manage processes

Use eFiles as your basis for working on & automatically steering processes, thereby running them more productively and faster.

Secure company knowledge

Protect information stored in eFiles from unauthorized access, loss and manipulation to protect your company’s valuable knowledge.

Our interconnected eFiles act as central access points to documents from a range of sources, including SAP documents, emails, MS Office, etc. and help us to make ongoing improvements in many areas, such as customer service.

Dr. Goy Hinrich Korn, CIO – authorized signatory, Bernhard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG

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A 360° view of information

Find documents, emails, processes and data in integrated business applications, like ERP and CRM, immediately in the right context, e.g. related to a customer or supplier, to provide information at any time and keep processing running smoothly.

Transparent case management

In Doxis eFiles, you can see the status of cases, tasks and documents and gain an overview of those responsible for processes, deadlines, etc. This helps to prevent costly mistakes or duplicate work.

Avoid compliance risks

Doxis enables you to set up access and retention periods for all eFiles in a traceable away, helping you to meet records management policies or ISO standards. Doxis is certified several times over as meeting standards, for instance ISO 16175‑2 and EU GDPR.

Free up employees

Utilize eFiles to steer processes, such as document review & release and the automation of information filing, to free up your employees for more important tasks and to boost productivity.

Connected collaboration

With Doxis eFiles, you are able to work on documents, eFiles and processes easily with other departments, international project teams and external business partners. This helps your business processes to stay on time and budget.

Take part in business processes from anywhere

Whether it’s from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can easily access documents and processes in eFiles — just like you would from the office. This means you have business-critical information on hand where ever you are.

Case study

The electronic file project was an immediate success.

Cornelius Hilbig, Head of Digital Services/IT, Eissmann Group Automotive

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Work more productively and connect information

Make it easier for your staff to find information, provide customers and business partners information, and work on documents and their related processes faster and more traceable: Doxis electronic files make it possible. The eFiles bring together information in its business context and gives you a 360-degree view of customers, suppliers, orders, employees, and much more. They connect information, make it easier for people to collaborate and automatically manage processes quickly and error-free: With Doxis eFiles, you can boost productivity throughout your company.


Electronic files make life easier

Doxis electronic files are your gateway to rolling out digital processes and collaboration company-wide. Find out how to make your work easier, day after day.

Doxis eFiles for every area of your company

Because different company departments and project teams each have their own set of requirements, Doxis delivers electronic files tailored precisely to every need, with the right content, functions and structures. In parallel, Doxis brings together any number of files, documents, processes and integrated business applications — so you can always access all information in the business context, whichever department it originated in. The eFile templates enable you to start working immediately, easily and more productively!

It’s unthinkable for our employees to ever work paper-based again.

Thomas Steiner, ECM Project Leader of the Organization Department, EDEKA Nord

Electronic files with Doxis

  • One technology for all kinds of electronic files
  • Electronic files with their own metadata
  • For documents of all formats, processes, links, data from ERP, CRM, HR, accounting, etc.
  • Connect any files & business applications
  • Low-code approach: simply configure eFiles without programming
  • Differentiated authorizations for files, folders, documents, versions, users, tentants, etc.
  • Documentation of all changes & “freezing” versions
  • Extendible company-wide ECM platform
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