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SER at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit


As London basked in beautiful, late summer sunshine, SER was at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit next to the magnificent O2 in Greenwich, London. And the warm weather outside was a perfect complement to the warm conversations we, at the SER booth, had with the many delegates that came to talk to us about their content and process challenges.

The one overriding theme we encountered in our discussions was the lack of integrated ECM and BPM solutions: many organizations are having to administer multiple solutions and platforms to manage their content and process needs. We were able to explain how Doxis from SER can solve these and many other issues facing organizations today by delivering an integrated ECM and BPM solution on one, single integrated platform.

Delegates talked to us about a range of requirements, everything from managing paper dockets through to complex and adaptive claims management systems. As we explained, Doxis has a range of solutions to meet all the ECM and BPM requirements of modern and forward-thinking organizations.

What was of particular interest to many of those with whom we spoke was the level of intelligence we are able to build into the Doxis platform. For example, the ability to automatically classify incoming content of any type, to extract relevant data from that content and even to perform sentiment analysis on the content to see if the sender was angry or happy! For those delegates who deal with customer correspondence on a regular basis, this was seen as a major breakthrough in their ability to manage customer satisfaction and success.

Otto Group: Digital workspace for retail

We were very thrilled that our customer Otto Group, represented by Sebastian Gil Haenelt, IT Project Manager, held a presentation at the solution provider session on the Group’s digital transformation journey, entitled “Digital workspace for retail: From classical mail-order to networked e-commerce”. Haenelt highlighted the data strategy that the Otto Group pursues to meet the different needs in each brand and company of the group. He also talked about what kind of IT challenges they faced and how they overcome them with the help of Doxis.

Doxis iRoom - The digital workspace for collaboration

The Doxis iRoom of the Doxis enterprise content management platform is all about one thing: collaboration. The shared ECM provides information rooms for data and documents, enabling cross-company workflows and collaborative, knowledge-based teamwork.


How to avoid a chaotic digitopia

The main topic of the summit was AI, ML and content analytics and their role as an essential part of the “New Work Nucleus”, influencing and enriching the employee experience and the enterprise organizational culture. These technologies are part of the daily work life already, affecting productivity and helping employees on many levels to get their most important tasks done. Finding information and processing high volumes of data are just the start.

Digital transformation is fundamental for every organization. However, the most crucial thing is to have the right data strategy in place to avoid landing in a chaotic digitopia. In his opening keynote speech, Prof. Eddie Obeng put it very well: “A caterpillar and a butterfly are not the same. By keeping the way you work the same while adding artificial intelligence to it, you just make a caterpillar fatter ̵ you don’t change into a butterfly!“

Overall it was a very fruitful event for SER and the delegates who came to visit us. We look forward to attending again next year with even more exciting innovations to help organizations overcome their content and process problems and to help make them more efficient, more profitable and more compliant.

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