Doxis Usability & User Experience

Get where you want faster

Intuitively and directly find the functions you need to complete tasks.

Uniform way of working

Quickly access and work on information in one uniform way throughout your company and beyond.

Smart assistant functions

Doxis supports you while working and handles routine tasks to free you for other value creation tasks.

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Doxis can be used for so many things in virtually any area. It’s really cool software!

Martin Mermolja, Sunrise Communications AG

Adapts to the way you work

Doxis gives you many ways to personally design your work environment so that you can work more effectively & faster.

Intelligence developed for you, the user

AI-based functions in Doxis reduce routine tasks, search more intelligently and automate decisions.

One solution for all business processes

Doxis is so flexible that you are able to digitally implement a wide range of business processes within a short period of time.

Clients for Windows, web & mobile

The user-friendly client family enables you to work in one uniform way, optimized to your needs.

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Adaptive software – satisfied users

Today, virtually every work activity involves a separate application. So it's not surprising that users operate multiple applications from a range of vendors. Yet this brave new software-rich world has a darker side: No matter how user-friendly a single application may be, frequently switching between entirely different operating concepts is time-consuming and demands a period of refamiliarization. At the same time, every additional app results in a new information silo and means more effort, e.g. in maintenance and support. Doxis takes a different tack: The standardized Doxis platform provides the basis for implementing a wide variety of solutions with uniform usability. The result? Satisfied users, consistent work methods and faster business processes.

Case study

I'm happy that we have a modern ECM system now that supports us so well in process engineering and in production

Falk Müller, Process Engineering Manager, Neways Electronics Riesa

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Focused on the user

Several factors determine whether software is simple and effective to use — beginning with individual user needs: What kinds of tasks need to be completed now? Am I working in or out of the office? Do I have internet access? Zoom out a few layers to users in entirely different roles — take management and data processing, for instance — and the differences become even more obvious. To ensure that every user can work in the most effective way possible, the Doxis client family offers flexibility and adaptive solutions. Whether a power user or occasional user, with innovative operating concepts and intuitive, context-optimized user interfaces, everyone notices how much easier work has become with Doxis.

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The agile Doxis client family

With Doxis, you use flexibly combinable clients — perfectly tailored to your company's diverse functional areas and locations.

Windows: Doxis winCube & Doxis smartCube

Doxis winCube is a universal Windows client with everything you need to work with documents, files and processes. The Doxis smartCube lean sidebar application is a smart addition that provides functions for filing documents, launching workflows, accessing eFiles and more.

Web: Doxis webCube & Doxis smartCube

Doxis webCube is a comprehensive HTML5 web client for day-to-day work with documents, eFiles and processes. Together with Doxis smartCube, it builds a secure bridge from the browser sandbox — to scan or edit documents, for instance.

Mobile: Doxis mobileCube for iOS & Android

The mobile ECM client, Doxis mobileCube (for Apple iOS and Android), is tailored to the typical application scenarios required by mobile users — providing access to documents, eFiles and processes from anywhere via smartphones and tablets.

Doxis integrates into your applications

Want to use Doxis functions in your existing DMS or ECM clients, or deploy other individual solutions? Or do your employees work mainly with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office programs or leading systems like SAP? Then use our APIs or smart integration tools:

  • REST API etc. & for your individual applications
  • Doxis add-ins for Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Office
  • Doxis SmartBridge for SAP & Salesforce

Work the way you want to

Doxis is designed for maximum usability and offers you
Ihren to adapt your digital workplace perfekt an perfectly to the way you work.

Personal dashboards

Need quick access to supplier files in purchasing, or onboarding processes in HR, or CRM data in sales: With Doxis you immediately access important information, launch searches or workflows, and file documents quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop function.

Activity feeds

Which new tasks need attending to? Have any contracts or orders changed? Doxis shows you at a glance what's new and who processed what. You stay up to date at all times.


Keep track of lead times, the department's workload and outstanding invoices from anywhere with Doxis: Clearly structured reports and charts display the most important and up-to-date KPIs.

Discover Doxis!

With Doxis, you have the perfect basis for fast, efficient business processes. From document management and business process management to collaboration and compliance solutions: With Doxis, digitalization is possible at all times and in all places.

Doxis clients & usability: Technical highlights

  • Microsoft-certified Windows client in familiar look & feel
  • Modern HTML5 web client for all current browsers
  • Mobile client for iOS & Android
  • Smart assistant app in a sidebar
  • Flexibly combinable clients
  • Cognitive services for all applications
  • Individually customizable user interfaces
  • User-, role- and group-dependent functions
  • Low-code customization, same for all clients
  • Mobile capture function
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