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Study or work – Why not both?

| Lukas Moshuber

Combining school with a career is not always the easiest thing to do and it can be a major source of stress for many young people. Working, studying, writing papers – there is hardly time left over for a personal life. SER Solutions Architect Lukas Moshuber tells Rise career magazine in an interview how he found the right work-life-study balance.

How was it for you starting your career after studying computer science at the University of Vienna?

The focus on getting practical experience during studies provides good insights into how projects are actually run in the working world. In-depth training in areas important to the company also provide a broad technical overview. For me, it was a smooth transition, because I started working during my Master's studies.

What does a typical working day at SER look like?

It’s hard for me to describe a typical day of work, because almost every day is entirely different. As a cross-sector software provider, we come into contact with a wide range of project requirements and needs for customers. Especially as a Solutions Architect, my position combines a lot of different activities. From programming to presentations for customers, I see virtually everything.

Why did you decide to join the SER team?

Lukas Moshuber

It was important to me to be part of a close-knit team, where my input is taken seriously and discussions are held on an equal footing, regardless of position. In addition, I wanted a job where I could strengthen my existing knowledge and learn new things, as well. These aspects are combined at SER in a somewhat small but highly professional team.

How does the work-life-study balance look at SER?

SER is very flexible in its employment models, from weekly hours to remote office, everything can be arranged on an individual basis. Both my education, as well as the time it requires, is taken into consideration. So the job allows me to combine work with my Master's studies very well. The flexible working hours, based on a flexitime model, also enable me to balance work with my personal life.

This interview was first published in the university’s career magazine Rise 10/2019.

Meet the SER team!

Lukas Moshuber

Hi, I am a Solutions Architect [&] PreSales Consultant at SER Group. It always makes me happy when I can help customers to automate or optimize their processes with our machine learning based Doxis4 Cognitive Services. In my spare time I am a music enthusiast. According to Spotify, I listen to an average of over 2000 hours of music per year, which is more than 83 days.

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