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Time for important things: Doxis & SAP in HR

Julia Pedak

Routine tasks, constant switching between applications and working with paper-based files take up valuable time and can pose logistical challenges for any HR department. The potential for improvement and automation is significant. Master data records, the organizational structure and payroll generally run on SAP. But when it comes to managing tasks or archiving documents in the context of employees, ECM functions such as eFileselectronic archiving and workflows can significantly lighten the load on the HR team.

Archiving, eFiles and more

From application documents to employment contracts, (interim) references to agreements, emails to training credentials, all information related to employees, whether scans or electronic documents and data, are pooled in the Doxis HR file – efficiently, systematically and well organized. The Doxis archive offers not only audit-proof storage of your SAP data, documents and processes, but also automatic compliance with legal retention periods. ArchiveLink documents containing business data from SAP can be indexed automatically and assigned to files or processes.

In addition to bundling all documents relating to an employee, the Doxis HR file also contains the most important master and contract data from the SAP system and displays this on the electronic file cover sheet. The result: HR employees maintain an overview of all data and documents without having to search various systems.

Onboarding processes can also be supported by Doxis workflows. No step is forgotten and everything is ready and waiting for the new colleague on their first day. Adding the new employee in SAP automatically triggers all the necessary activities. These workflow-managed tasks are then distributed to the relevant employees and might include: programming an access keycard for the building, ordering and configuring a computer, leasing a company car, assigning a workspace and installing a nameplate, preparing an intranet post to welcome the new employee, etc.

Lean migration to SAP S/4HANA

SAP data archiving not only lightens the load on operative business but also makes SAP release upgrades easier. If you are considering switching to SAP S/4HANA for example, the SAP data of all former employees can be archived in Doxis immediately and only the documents relating to active employees transferred to the new system. The data and documents stored in Doxis can be accessed at any time via the ECM client.

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