Doxis Classification Designer

Self-study course

Target Group: IT administrators, project developers, partners and SER employees

The Doxis Classification Designer course is meant for administrators who support the system as well as for consultants who want to implement the Doxis Classification & Extraction Service in connection with the Doxis Classification Designer at the customer's site. You will get a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of automatic classification of relevant document content. You will learn to define and test a Doxis classification project and transfer it to the production environment. The Doxis Classification Designer training is the perfect complement to the Doxis Classification & Extraction Service (DCES) training.

Self-study course


Price of participants 1 through 3: €1,500 per person

Price for each additional participant: €1,100 per person


  • Knowledge: User Basics Windows Operating Systems
  • Recommended in-depth training: Doxis Classification & Extraction Service (DCES)


  • Introduction to the DCES Classifications Designer.
  • Differences between text rule classification, content classification and layout classification.
  • Introduction to ID card classification.
  • Introduction to the document type hierarchy.
  • Introduction to Knowledge Bases.
  • Integration of a Doxis classification project within the Doxis Project Designer.


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