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Best customer service thanks to ECM at Krone Group

Julia Pedak

Document-intensive business processes are digitally mapped at the Krone Group. Electronic files help employees to manage information across multiple departments and countries using Doxis. The company chose this ECM and BPM software solution primarily thanks to its ability to map the entire inbound invoice processing workflow – from data capture to confidential contract access for invoice verification.

The Krone group is a world-leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and commercial trailers. The family-run company operating out of Spelle in Germany was formed in 1906 from the local smithy established by master smith Bernard Krone. Today, Krone has a team of over 3,000 employees worldwide and is a one-stop shop for everything from order processing to services to supplier Management.

ECM replaces scattered pockets of information

Before rolling out Doxis, documents at the Krone group were scattered across the entire system landscape. Only the individual departments knew where to find what data on certain machines, customers or suppliers. When employees left, the company lost valuable knowledge and relevant information. Krone wanted an ECM system that would establish uniform and transparent document management (DMS) company-wide on a shared basis for internal and external employees, customers and dealers alike. In addition, the company planned to improve efficiency in accounts payable by introducing automated inbound invoice processing

Central archive – connected information

Krone rolled out electronic archiving with Doxis back in 2012. The company's electronic files on vehicles, machinery, customers and suppliers now contain over 14.6 million centrally stored documents that can be accessed by employees company-wide. All information relating to a case can be interlinked regardless of format. The result: operating instructions, circuit diagrams, technical drawings, inspection reports and much more are available directly in the context of the respective machines and vehicles. The integration of telephony software from Estos enables the customer service team to directly access customer files based on the telephone number and view all related documents, including invoices, emails and order processes. This guarantees the rapid provision of information, meaning the Krone group can be even more effective at meeting its service promise.

Planning certainty through automated invoice processing

The Krone group uses Doxis for automated inbound invoice processing Germany-wide. SAP integration makes workflow-managed invoice verification with confidential contract access possible, ensuring greater transparency, security and prompt processing. The benefits include better utilization of early payment discount periods and an improved overview of all unpaid invoices, which has a positive effect on overall planning certainty.

The Krone group is already planning to roll out automated inbound invoice processing at its foreign subsidiaries along with further eFile solutions, including the Germany-wide HR file and process support from the Doxis Business Process Management (BPM) software for simpler, more transparent processes – for instance, automated verification of incoming goods.

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