Electronic supplier files with Doxis

A 360° view of suppliers

Immediately find all information on suppliers, orders and deliveries and track the status of processes at all times.

Enhanced workflow efficiency

Automate and accelerate workflows in purchasing and supplier management for greater efficiency in your daily work.

Documented quality

Transparently document supplier relationships and procurement processes and optimize process quality with integrated reports.

Supplier 360

Want information regarding a specific supplier? Need to know the status of processes? What was the latest communication between parties? What are the contract terms? Doxis is here to help you find all the answers to your questions and accelerate daily work.

Want to learn more about Doxis?

Our team is able to draw conclusions based on the information in the digital supplier files regarding what went well in the supplier process and what needs to be optimized next year, also in terms of material quality.

Customer & Supplier Workspace

See how you can utilize and benefit from the Doxis Customer Workspace and the Doxis Supplier Workspace.

Provide information faster

Immediately locate the right quotations, contracts, invoices and more via full-text searches or supplier/order numbers — even filter the results by date, e.g. all deliveries in the last quarter

Save time

Doxis automatically assigns quotations, orders etc. to the correct eFiles, transfers data such as order number and delivery date, and automatically versions all changes to documents.

Simplify deadline compliance

Doxis notifies you of approaching delivery dates, award proceedings, expiring supplier certifications, inventory dates and more, and provides all documents ready for you to work on.

Stay compliant

With Doxis you archive all documents, data and processes in line with audit requirements, document decisions on orders and suppliers, and minimize your exposure to liability risks.

Streamline daily work

New suppliers or orders in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Oracle? Doxis automatically creates eFiles, launches order processes, and transfers supplier data and material master data.

Boost productivity

Integrate Microsoft Office and Outlook with Doxis, use the search and filing functions directly from these applications and automatically archive emails in the correct supplier eFile.

The Doxis electronic supplier file delivers

Enhance your supplier management efficiency

On-time delivery of products and services to customers is business critical and relies heavily on the punctual arrival of the necessary materials. With the Doxis electronic supplier file, you bring together quotations, orders and delivery notes, as well as data from ERP and SCM, on one central platform. A 360° view of procurement processes and suppliers, paired with automated workflows, enables you to manage procurement processes with greater speed and transparency — while optimizing your workflows and quality in parallel. Work with suppliers from any location simply and securely using the Doxis® iRoom®. It all adds up to greater efficiency for your supplier management.

Werner Höltl
Application Manager (Finance), Duravit AG

With the information in the supplier file, our purchasing staff can draw conclusions about what went well within the delivery processes.

How to manage processes using electronic supplier files

Automated processes

From checking purchase requisitions and sending out supplier inquiries to handling budget approvals, orders and order confirmations: With Doxis, you automate the entire purchase-to-pay process.

Flexible task management

When inquiries about materials or equipment come in, Doxis lets you involve production, HR or any number of other departments in the workflow: You create and manage tasks ad hoc and document every decision made throughout.

Collaboration using the Doxis® iRoom®

Doxis makes it easy to share information with your suppliers: Suppliers use the protected Doxis® iRoom® to upload e.g. their certifications while you can send them quality assessments, photos of defects and much more.

Collaboration in supplier management

See how Eissmann Group Automotive uses the Doxis® iRoom® to integrate its international suppliers into processes.

More eFiles for purchasing & procurement


Use Doxis eFiles for all your purchasing activities. eFiles are a central repository of all the information your department needs, from emails and quotations to comments, orders, invoice documents and related workflows.


Which materials have been requested? Where are they to be purchased? Which terms and conditions apply? How are material consumption and quality? See everything at a glance in the Doxis eFiles for materials.

Material resources

Do you order office supplies, hardware or work clothing for your employees? Use the Doxis eFiles to manage your material resources and keep a full overview at all times.

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Would you like to learn more about how the Doxis electronic supplier file can be used in your company? We would be pleased to give you a live demonstration of Doxis — also at your place of business! We look forward to hearing from you.

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