With the launch of the electronic records connected to our ERP system Infor, every employee has access to all information relevant to their work.

Werner Höltl, Application Manager (Finances), Duravit AG

Electronic customer files with Doxis

Improve customer satisfaction

Expedite the handling of customer inquiries, orders and bids and speed up respond times

Provide information fast

Structured overview with all information on a customer gives you the knowledge you need to respond to inquiries and make sound decisions

Deploy resources better

Automate manual activities such as data capture and filing and free up time to devote to customer relations

Customer 360

The better you know your customers, the better you’ll be able to support them. Doxis helps you discover, analyze and understand information about your customers, so you can focus on what matters – making sound business decisions and providing speedy responses to give your customers the attention they deserve.

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The customers notice that our processing speed is higher due to the fact that we respond so much faster. We are now able to answer a customer inquiry within two days. This is technically feasible because of Doxis.

Doxis Content Bridge for SAP & Salesforce

Doxis Content Bridge for SAP & Salesforce builds a bridge to your systems, creating a shared basis of information and delivering on-demand information in the right context. Learn more here.

360° view of customers

The structured overview and centralized filing of all information on a customer offers full transparency and enables sound decision-making

Fast response

Access the information you need directly and respond to inquiries in every phase of the buying process quickly and with confidence

Mobile access

Whether on the go, on site with a customer or at your office desk, information can be accessed across locations and devices to enable seamless processes

CRM integration

Doxis transfers master data directly from your CRM platform and, e.g. automatically files new documents from the CRM in the correct customer file

Effective resource deployment

Automate manual data capture and back office processes and free up resources to focus on what's most important: your customers

Guaranteed compliance

Automate document filing and prove compliance with retention periods and data protection requirements

Customer & Supplier Workspace

See how you can utilize and benefit from the Doxis Customer Workspace and the Doxis Supplier Workspace.

Customers who already benefit from Doxis customer eFiles

Perfectly integrated

Access the Doxis customer eFile directly from your CRM platform. Retrieve all documents, integrated CRM data and transactions relating to the customer using the full-text search, customer number or contract reference. Or have the system display, say, all the customer's orders from the last three months. It's easy! Has a document changed or a new process instance been created? Doxis can notify you at any time about changes so you always stay up to date and ready to provide information.

Are you running Salesforce? Find out more about Doxis SmartBridge for Salesforce!

Discover the innovations

Our business processes are much faster and more efficient thanks to the electronic contract, customer and supplier files and the fact that the Doxis solution is fully integrated into SAP.

Minimize risks

With Doxis, you play it safe when it comes to liability matters and complaints. Your electronic customer files document the entire customer history seamlessly. In parallel, you comply with all audit-proof archiving requirements, like the 10-year retention period for offers and orders. Doxis is also EU GDPR-certified, so you are assured that all sensitive customer data is managed compliantly.

Find the right DMS for your needs!

What should a DMS offer? What are the benefits you seek from it? This guide takes you step by step through the process of finding and launching a document management system. It includes practical information and checklists, use cases and recommendations.



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