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Doxis News: Accelerate your business with Doxis Fast Starters & more

Bärbel Heuser-Roth

Two major topics are a common thread in the Doxis News this spring: New features in Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) 23.1 help you speed up digitalization, thereby drastically reducing the time-to-value of your ECM solutions. Furthermore, Doxis supports users by providing them with intelligent tools to help them complete their work better and faster.

Doxis Fast Starters speed up your business

Does your company want to get ECM projects set up quickly, but the capacity of the IT department is limited? With the new Fast Starters library, we provide Doxis ICA customers with a tool kit to accelerate their digitalization process. The Fast Starters library includes preconfigured workspaces, eFiles and basic workflows that can quickly be implemented with minimal configuration effort by IT-savvy users and even administrators, who can use the Fast Starters to fulfill their colleagues' requests for new ECM apps in a short period of time.

Download, easily configure and immediately use workspaces, eFiles and workflows from the Doxis Fast Starter library

The Doxis Fast Starters library is part of the Doxis Business Studio no-code development environment – an essential component of Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA). IT-savvy users, also known as citizen developers, can use it to make simple adjustments to their Doxis, integrate third-party systems, create users and user groups, assign permissions and create ECM apps that can be used immediately.

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Learn more about Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, the next generation of enterprise content management: its capabilities, solution suites, business integrations, and much more.

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Doxi, your new intelligent content assistant

An additional innovation in Doxis ICA 23.1 is Doxi, your new personal assistant, who will make your day-to-day work easier. You will soon meet Doxi everywhere you work with Doxis. Doxi recognizes the context in which you are working and offers assistance: Doxi searches for emails that belong to a process, finds relevant documents that help process a task, and more.

Tailored to your needs: New landing pages for the Doxis web client

The new, modern user interface of our web client, Doxis webCube, provides the perfect jump-start into daily work activities. The landing page can now be adapted with dashboards and widgets and tailored to users' projects and areas of responsibility. When the landing page is opened, users will find all of their important functions, tasks, favorites and recently used objects neatly arranged on a dashboard.

Craft your own landing page in Doxis webCube with dashboards and widgets

Collaborate securely with Doxis and Microsoft on the web

Want to stay organized and on-track even when working on a document with multiple colleagues? With the new co-authoring function, multiple users can work with Microsoft Office Online at the same time and version and securely store documents in Doxis webCube.

Co-edit Microsoft Office Online documents with Doxis webCube

New DICOM viewer for the Doxis Healthcare Suite

The DICOM module of the Doxis Healthcare Suite now includes a powerful DICOM viewer along with the DICOM connector. It can be used to display and evaluate image and video material from diagnostic imaging tools, such as CR (conventional radiography), CT, MRI, and sonographs. Display multiple series side-by-side in different windows, e.g., with views from different planes and axes. When the crosshair function is used to navigate to a specific point in an image, all series automatically scroll to the corresponding position. The viewer is certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) and MDR (European Medical Device Regulation).

The Doxis DICOM viewer offers intuitive navigation and precise display of diagnostic images

What's next

Intelligent content automation, faster time-to-value, and secure collaboration are key drivers of innovation which help companies implement their digital plans rapidly and remain competitive. Here we presented the first of four major Doxis ICA releases for 2023. Each quarter will bring with it additional innovations in content and process automation that can be implemented quickly to help you achieve your digital strategy.

Bärbel Heuser-Roth

For many years now, Bärbel Heuser-Roth has been dealing with a wide variety of ECM topics, from information logistics, process management and compliance to the use cases of intelligent processes for automated information management. She has also spent her career researching and writing about the implementation of ECM projects at companies and organizations.

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