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Doxis News: Simply efficient collaboration

Bärbel Heuser-Roth

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is more than just a smart information management tool that largely automates business processes, like verification of invoices and order confirmations. Intelligent Content Automation is also making a company's collaboration processes more efficient and secure. In this issue of Doxis News, we take a look at the innovations related to collaboration in Doxis 23.2 – specifically in

  • the new Doxis SmartBridges
  • Doxis Contract Lifecycle Management
  • the new Fast Starters in Doxis Business Studio

Collaboration with Doxis ICA

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) ensures that your interdisciplinary teams can securely collaborate remotely, for example:

  • Collaborative Workspaces - for easily sharing and editing information with colleagues in other departments. The Collaborative Workspace was specially designed to facilitate collaboration between employees. Doxis ICA customers can easily download it from the Fast Starters library in Doxis Business Studio.
  • Doxis iRoom – for including external business partners , sending an email invitation, and making documents available for sharing.
  • Doxis SmartBridges - to link information from other systems with Doxis to make all information from these systems accessible in context to team members in their preferred environment – or in Doxis. Doxis 23.2 includes three new SmartBridges: for SAP SuccessFactors, for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and F&SCM.
  • Purchase-to-pay process - innovations that make it possible for employees in all departments to collaborate on business processes even if they do not have direct access to the source system, e.g., during invoice verification or order confirmation. In this article, we present innovations in Doxis Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation for SAP.
  • Insurance Workspace Fast Starter - for providing representatives, specialists and claims adjusters with a comprehensive view of insured parties, policies and losses. Read more about this topic below.
  • Microsoft Office Online integration - for editing documents in a team and traceably documenting all versions without gaps. You can read how our Microsoft Office Online integration supports collaboration in our previous Doxis News article.

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Learn more about Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, the next generation of enterprise content management: its capabilities, solution suites, business integrations, and much more.

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Business integration: SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Dynamics 365

For your employees to be able to collaborate with colleagues in other departments, it is important that they all have a complete overview of the relevant information. There is a catch: Specialized departments often only have access to the systems they use for their work, sales departments to the CRM system, accounting to the ERP system and so on. However, comprehensive customer support requires that the employees in sales, customer service and accounting all have access to all the relevant information so that the employees are always up-to-date on the latest developments. For example, if customer service is processing a complaint from a customer, it would not be the most optimal timing for the sales department to offer that customer a new product. A complete overview of customers, suppliers, projects, etc. requires the connection of third-party systems, such as ERP, CRM, and specialized applications, in which the relevant information is created.

With Doxis SmartBridges, information from diverse sources is available directly in the systems in which employees are used to working. For example, users of SAP can find information from Salesforce, email systems and file systems in their usual environment thanks to Doxis SmartBridges. All information is also available with its respective context in Doxis.
Doxis 23.2 includes three new integrations that can be used to connect additional ERP, CRM and HR systems to Doxis:

  • Doxis SmartBridge for the HR system SAP SuccessFactors
  • Doxis SmartBridge for the CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Doxis SmartBridge for the ERP and supply chain management system Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM
As an add-on for the Doxis HR business solution, Doxis SmartBridge for SAP SuccessFactors ensures that data and documents from the HR system are displayed in the Doxis personnel file

New Fast Starter for the insurance sector

As many of you know, Doxis Fast Starters are ready to use ECM apps that you can easily download from Doxis Business Studio. Newest member of the Fast Starters library is the Insurance Workspace. Insurance representatives, caseworkers and claims adjusters can work together with the new Doxis Fast Starter even more smoothly. It combines documents and data on insurance policies, the corresponding policyholders, insured parties and insurance brokers and agents and makes this information available to the caseworkers in a clearly arranged manner. Insurance claims along with documentation, expert opinions and more are managed in the integrated Insurance Claim Workspace. Each Insurance Claim Workspace is linked with the affected contract so that the caseworker can easily navigate between the contract, the insured party and the claim.

Insurance policies, claims and business partners all in view with the Insurance Workspace

Even more content automation for the P2P process

Doxis Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation for SAP, the business solution for automated processing of order confirmations with Doxis and SAP, makes work much easier for buyers. One important way it does this is by automatically reading and validating relevant document data, and this capability has been extended again. The new release now also extracts the manufacturer part number of ordered items, carries over data that is relevant for validation directly from the associated order and checks whether the expected delivery address is listed on the order confirmation. Users of the SAP Fiori app profit from fast searches and high performance, even with complex processes.

The cockpit of Doxis Intelligent Order Confirmation Automation for the classic SAP GUI

Contract Lifecycle Management with risk assessment

Identify contract risks at an early stage and take countermeasures - the new risk assessment function in Doxis Contract Lifecycle Management helps you to recognize contract risks early on and facilitates counter measures. For each contract, you can record the amounts of contractual penalties and forecast the possible impact and probability of occurrence of potential damages.

The new, adaptive design of the contract eFile also provides a clearer overview of the relevant contract data. The contract-specific fields are displayed for each contract type:

Doxis CMIS Connector is SAP certified!

One more highlight in conclusion: Doxis CMIS Connector is SAP-certified. SAP has strategically named the CMIS interface as the replacement for ArchiveLink in the cloud environment. It is anticipated that CMIS will even be used by an increasing number of proprietary SAP solutions. Thus, Doxis CMIS Connector becomes the central interface to SAP BTP Document Management Service in the cloud.

What's next

Intelligent Content Automation is a key driver of innovation for faster time-to-value and secure collaboration. The growing utilization of AI technology in Doxis ICA will continue to speed up the automation of content-based processes. In the next issue in Q3/2023, we will already introduce you to exciting innovations in AI-based support in Doxis ICA. Stay tuned!

Bärbel Heuser-Roth

For many years now, Bärbel Heuser-Roth has been dealing with a wide variety of ECM topics, from information logistics, process management and compliance to the use cases of intelligent processes for automated information management. She has also spent her career researching and writing about the implementation of ECM projects at companies and organizations.

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