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Meet Doxi, your smart content assistant – and a new, cutting-edge SER brand

| Maureen Cueppers

SER has grown in leaps and bounds just over the past couple of years – international expansion, SOC2 certifications, our amazing new CEO Dr. John Bates, recognition from Gartner and Forrester, our first-ever SER Summit, and – the biggest milestone in 2022: launching the Doxis Intelligent Content Automation platform, the next generation of ECM. And the success story continues – with the launch of a fresh brand design that reflects our modern, innovative products and company. Oh, and our personal highlight: Doxi!

A brand that reflects a cutting-edge platform & company

Earlier this year we were thrilled to introduce our new platform, Doxis Intelligent Content Automation. This AI-powered platform is the next level of enterprise content management: It bridges and automates content across your entire ecosystem to create a 360° view of business. With innovative cloud-native solution suites, contextual and embedded cognitive services, countless business integrations and market-leading content and process services – all presented in a simple, clean and intuitive UI – we presented our customers a cutting-edge way of managing, understanding and utilizing content.

It was therefore a logical next step that we also revamp our Doxis logo and design to reflect this bright new future for our customers and company. With the stylized “D”, dramatic colors and eye-catcher icons, customers will love working with Doxis even more.

Agility, intelligence, scalability & flexibility

A key visual element of our Doxis brand is the metaball. With its floating contours and dynamic color gradients, the metaball stands for flexibility, agility and intelligence. It represents the essence of Doxis Intelligent Content Automation: glowing with the curiosity, smarts and creativity of those who develop and design the platform. Take a look at our homepage and you’ll agree!

Meet Doxi – your new smart content assistant!

While everyone at SER is over the moon about the cool new brand design, what they are really gushing about is Doxi, our cute new smart content assistant! Personifying the metaball, Doxi is there to help you find the content you need for a contextualized user experience. Doxi is your happy little assistant who makes your daily work easier. Doxi comes in lots of variations; you will see it in the app, on our website, in our brochures and videos, etc. Wherever help is needed, Doxi is there to answer your questions, give helpful advice, steer you in the right direction and much more. Do you see why Doxi has become our company mascot? Smart AND cute – what more could you want?!

Bold, clean & modern – the new SER logo

Last but definitely not least, our corporate SER brand also got a refresh. We maintained the best, most recognized part of the SER logo – the well-known “SER”. Only now we’ve tweaked it, placing it in a more modern, pure and bold setting with deep blue tones (and don’t forget Doxi!). Consistency and continuity are an important part of SER’s identity – something we know our customers highly value. For this reason, we didn’t want to replace it, but rather improve on a winning logo. See for yourself the new logo versus the old:

We hope that you are as excited as we are to embark on this new era of content understanding. Doxi is super excited to meet you soon, too. ;)

Maureen Cueppers

Hello there! My name is Maureen Cueppers and I’m the[nbsp]Head of Content [&] Communications at[nbsp]SER. Analyzing, breaking down and clearly explaining the trends [&] possibilities of intelligent[nbsp]content automation[nbsp]for our readers – this is always at the heart of my writing. A native of Oregon (USA), I’m a craft beer enthusiast and have 43 nicknames (the last time I counted).

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