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Doxis news — Intelligent content automation in the spotlight

Bärbel Heuser-Roth

Facing a range of pressing issues, from the shortage of specialists and rising customer expectations to compliance risks and more, many companies regard the automation of the maximum number of core processes as their salvation. But often companies are lacking a complete overview of information sources and understanding of the content on which processes are built, both of which are essential for the digitalization of complex, high-value processes. Our Doxis product suite is continuously further developed and improved to help companies fill these gaps and meet new challenges with seamless access to cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

Our new generation of Doxis Intelligent Content Automation changes the game for our customers when it comes to managing their information and processes. Content is automated across processes using innovative, future-focused technologies. In this article, we also tell you about a whole series of further updates that have been rolled out over the last few months, along with improvements to usability and user experience throughout the Doxis portfolio.

Intelligent content automation — A new paradigm in information management

Intelligent content automation marks a new paradigm for information management with Doxis. It creates an enterprise-wide view of all information within the company, use AI-driven classification to place it in the right context, and automatically make the information available in processes (content automation). The support you receive makes it easier for you to meet key company targets in a hybrid, best-of-breed world: Doxis Intelligent Content Automation helps companies to improve customer satisfaction by automatically making unified content available for customer communication. Companies that work with Doxis Intelligent Content Automation expose risks lurking unseen in isolated systems, which in turn boosts their compliance and makes it easier to fulfill data security requirements.

The new Doxis platform builds on three proven components: content, process and cognitive services. Doxis extends and expands these components with freely combinable AI technologies for content understanding, classification and contextualization, and connects to a multitude of third-party systems.

The three pillars of the new Doxis generation

  • AI-driven platform, automates content understanding across major business applications including SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft 365, and makes information usable in processes
  • Horizontal and vertical solution suites for Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation, Doxis Content Bridge for SAP & Salesforce, and more besides
  • Extended cloud and on-premises packages for integrated managed services, system monitoring and on-call technical expertise

The platform: Cognitive services, cloud & more

As the foundation for intelligent content automation, we have extended the Doxis platform to include even more cognitive services than ever. With composable AI, our customers can combine multiple different machine-learning approaches on the Doxis platform with the full freedom to curate a custom package of components that best suits their individual requirements. And SER customers can now also speed up their transition to the cloud: With AWS S3 Snowball support, the Doxis platform is capable of quickly migrating large document and data volumes to the cloud.

Building “smart” bridges

Our Doxis SmartBridges connect to Microsoft Office, email, ERP, HR and CRM systems like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft 365 and others besides. We call them “smart” bridges, because they create a full overview of all business-relevant information, regardless of the system in which it is created and managed.

A new addition to our SmartBridge family is Doxis SmartBridge for M365 / Outlook on the web. Companies can now also securely manage their email communication in Doxis from the Outlook web app and file emails and attachments in the relevant business context in Doxis — functions that were previously only available via Doxis SmartOutlook Plus for Outlook.

Doxis SmartBridge for Microsoft 365 / Teams adds familiar Doxis functions to Microsoft’s collaboration tool and also safeguards the long-term and legally compliant retention of Teams content. Documents, messages and entire chat transcripts can be automatically filed in the correct context, provided a Teams channel is linked to a Doxis eFile or a Workspace. Doxis can also be set up to notify Teams users by email about changes to documents, eFiles and workflows.

Doxis integration in Microsoft Teams
Documents, messages, entire chats — securely store Teams content in Doxis and assign it to the correct business context

Precise searches & effective content protection

We continually strive to improve the functions and usability of the Doxis winCube client to make information management even more effective and secure.

For example, searches launched using the Doxis Windows client now find the right information faster than ever. Like the search functions found in online shops, Doxis winCube now also offers a facetted search that allows you to refine searches. You specify the parameters of your search to ensure only relevant results are displayed.

Many users will welcome the redaction feature that hides sensitive text content from prying eyes. Users can forward “censored” documents to third parties without having to worry that certain information can be seen.

The Doxis roadmap – We’re just getting started

Companies targeting greater success in their markets need intelligent, dynamic solutions that optimally leverage their information and offer the flexibility to automate the maximum number of processes. For our new Doxis Intelligent Content Automation platform, we adapt leading-edge technologies and roll them out to our customers continuously in the form of new releases. The updates addressed in this article only scratch the surface of the improvements and extensions we have already made to Doxis this year. And our roadmap includes a slew of further innovations yet to be released. We will keep you updated on all product developments as and when they happen. Stay tuned!

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Bärbel Heuser-Roth

For many years now, Bärbel Heuser-Roth has been dealing with a wide variety of ECM topics, from information logistics, process management and compliance to the use cases of intelligent processes for automated information management. She has also spent her career researching and writing about the implementation of ECM projects at companies and organizations.

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