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Digital workflows in legal with Doxis4

Digitalization poses new demands for legal departments — just look at the rising number of documents. What’s more, legal teams need audit-proof and compliant document management processes without media disruption. In-house legal teams and legal counsels have a full plate: they handle not only contracts with suppliers, customers, employees and sales reps, but also major projects, ranging from joint ventures to mergers and acquisitions. They invest a lot of time and effort into reviewing, handling and documenting cases, contracts, briefings and other documents. And the growing volume of information certainly doesn't make things easier. At some point, it’s just not possible to handle this work load, and then it’s time to rethink internal workflows and practices. That’s where modern ECM systems such as Doxis4 can help. It manages standardized administrative tasks, e.g. categorizing documents in records according to content or speeding up research through full-text searches. With Doxis4, you can more efficiently create digital representations of legal workflows.

Greater transparency in case work

Legal teams and compliance officers know that traceability is only possible if a company keeps both accurate records and a complete overview of all time-sensitive processes. These two aspects also form the backbone of effective corporate risk management. With Doxis4, legal departments have all relevant workflow-related information at their fingertips: from contract management to corporate records for subsidiaries and operative units, to litigation.

Every legal department is different. Depending on the industry, legal teams have very specific requirements, which in turn influence how they file records and design work processes. All this can be digitally represented with Doxis4, creating a uniform and context-related filing system. Contract documents and other case work are organized and placed in electronic records — everything is straightforward and context-related. Key record information, e.g. contact data, the reference number, dates, costs and the case processor, can be seen at a glance in the digital record cover sheet. Using keywords saved for a case, the specific legal field or the parties involved, you can access all the record information you need on a specific topic in one click.

Manage documents and deadlines in their context

Doxis4 clearly shows you briefings, correspondences and documents of a legal process, including who did what and when. Using templates in Doxis4, it is possible to transfer key contract data and other important legal documents, including address data, provisions, preambles, etc., directly to new documents. This way, contracts and other legal documents have a consistent design, higher accuracy, and take less time to process.

In Doxis4, you can assign work steps and documents that need processing to the appropriate person (e.g. to prepare for a court date, to create and verify contracts, or to provide advisory opinions). This assignment of work steps and documents in turn creates digital representations of the entire workflow. You always know the status and who is responsible for which steps and tasks. Doxis4 automatically sends you reminders for due dates of internal charges, contract deadlines, court dates or continuing obligations. You no longer have to spend your working hours manually monitoring deadlines.

Compliance management and legal advice

To ensure that compliance requirements are met, the legal team informs other departments about legal matters. With Doxis4, it’s easy to share information and everyone is aware of current laws, internal and external guidelines and requirements. Legal teams and internal compliance officers keep an eye on all company-specific requirements and the related documents, which are stored in electronic records.

While every company's legal department has special requirements, international firms face additional complexity: diverse country-specific legal circumstances for subsidiaries, brands, patents, retention periods, contracts and many other challenges. In Doxis4, however, you can clearly document all national and international requirements and the corresponding corporate guidelines. Those authorized can access them. Doxis4 helps legal teams to both quickly find the information they need and to incorporate their findings into mergers and acquisitions or into legal matters regarding stock corporation law, company law or capital market law. Because Doxis4 software is available in 13 languages, international and decentrally organized in-house legal teams can work together from any location without linguistic barriers.

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Strategic value

  • Direct and context-related overview of all legal processes and documents
  • Timely reminders of deadlines and dates
  • Transparency in all steps of the legal case
  • Access to records, documents and processes — regardless of time and location
  • Support in fulfilling compliance requirements
  • Audit-proof and compliant retention of legal documents

Features and strengths

  • One solution for all legal workflows

    Doxis4 provides digital representations of record structures. Doxis4 eRecords give legal teams a clear, consistent and manageable filing structure for every legal case with context-related links to documents, records and processes. Documents are digitally stored and accessible throughout numerous records via links. Gone are the days of redundant files. If you have a court date, for example, you can just print out records and documents. The digital record cover sheet brings together key record data, deadlines and account forms. This includes information on the parties involved, the reference number, the processor, dates and fee calculations — all in one overview. If several people are working on a document, they can directly add comments (via an annotation function) while working on the document, without modifying the original.

  • Context-related searches

    Thanks to Doxis4, legal and compliance departments have a common knowledge base with a quick and easy search function. Every document can be enriched with metadata (e.g. about the opposing party, responsible courts, legal fields) that can be used for keyword searches in records. Furthermore, a full-text search option helps teams to find and compare specific text passages. Doxis4 displays all documents, emails, digital dictations and images in various formats in an application without media disruption. In just one click, legal teams get an overview of the entire eRecord and of documents that are linked with other records. You can easily scroll through documents in the preview function without ever having to switch views.

  • Deadline and contract management

    Doxis4 provides a means of managing deadlines. It automatically monitors dates and deadlines, say, for contract, patent or brand extensions or for court dates. This way, legal teams have an electronic deadline monitoring system that is set up with predefined times for reminding the responsible legal counsel of tasks and dates. If the legal counsel does not respond due to illness or vacation, then another team member or deputy is automatically informed. You can create an overview of outstanding processes in a digital list.

    With Doxis4 contract management, both the legal department and other departments are able to manage information throughout the contract life cycle.

  • Access anytime and anywhere

    Whether you are in the office, in court or traveling: Doxis4 gives you secure access to all information anytime and anywhere— also via mobile devices. For example, the legal team can exchange documents and data with departments to check an employee or supplier contract or to send a legal opinion. Furthermore, a virtual data room (the Doxis4 iRoom) gives you a safe place to share documents and files with external legal practices or counsel. Doxis4 functions such as searching, preview or editing can be used both offline and online outside of the office.

  • Data and document security

    Through encrypted data transfer and filing and through access permissions, Doxis4 fulfills data protection policies for handling personal data and documents. Differentiated and, if needed, temporary document and record access can be limited to specific departments, groups or individuals. Electronic signatures —and even several signatures for one document — can be created, verified and archived in Doxis4 to protect against forgery and to ensure authenticity.

  • Integration into existing third-party systems

    Doxis4 is deeply integrated into Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Outlook, which means that legal departments can still work with interfaces they know well. A client record can be retrieved, for example, directly from an email from this person. When handling litigations, legal counsel can directly take over customer, supplier or personal data and documents via standardized interfaces from SAP or other integrated ERP systems and synchronize it. Further applications, e.g. CRM, speech recognition software and legal databases, can also be integrated. Consequently, you spend far less time searching for information and contact data, and dictations are much faster to process.

  • Audit-proof archiving and documentation

    In Doxis4, all documents, emails, processes and records are archived in an audit-proof way according to the business process context. Versioning ensures that the original document and all changes are preserved. The audit trail function reveals who received, viewed, modified, approved or deleted which information and when. Every legal case is seamlessly documented from start to finish. Automated deletion deadlines and locks also make sure that a sensitive document is not accidentally deleted before the retention period is over.

Features and strengths
Justizministerium Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is reforming its land registry with the electronic land registry record (elGA) based on SER eGovernment Europe's PRODEA software.


There are now already 43 million documents in the LBS Doxis4 system. 300 LBS employees work with electronic records, such as building loan records, loan records and legal records.

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Deutsche Bahn AG

At Deutsche Bahn, Bahn Content Management (BCM), which is based on Doxis4, implements customer-specific applications for several thousand users across the group.

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IDW PS 880 certification

Doxis4 Enterprise Content Management software has been certified by Deloitte according to IDW PS 880, thereby providing SER customers proven security in audit-proof electronic archiving.

More about the Doxis4 IDW PS 880 certification

IDW PS 880 certification

Doxis4 — all legal documents when and where you need them

Records management

  • Filing in various file formats in the context of their legal workflows and, if needed, according to a defined structure, e.g. a record plan
  • A direct overview of all legal cases using the digital record cover sheet, which contains all key information
  • Referencing options between processes, records, contracts and other documents
  • Redundancy-free assignment of documents to several legal cases
  • Microsoft Office/Outlook integration: search directly from MS Office or Outlook and file documents or emails from the application in Doxis4
  • Cross-record grouping and filtering options
  • Mobile access via web and mobile client
  • Offline records: take eRecords with you by checking them in and out, without losing any functionality; view and edit (automatic synchronization)

Document management

  • DMS functionality: record filing (manually or automated), searching with various combinable criteria (metadata) and full-text searches, template management, editing, versioning, history, etc.
  • Comprehensive annotation and versioning with separate levels to accommodate multiple users
  • Access to Doxis4 template management directly out of Microsoft Office to manage templates, e.g. for consistent contract drafts and provisions
  • Transferring and synchronizing data from ERP, CRM, Excel lists, voice recognition software, etc.
  • Modifying data, such as the case number, title or processor throughout several documents
  • Drafting paper documents using an integrated scan function (also batch scanning)

Legal workflows

  • Transparent and documented workflows to manage dates, deadlines, approvals, postponements and contracts
  • Cross-departmental cooperation
  • Document sharing with external users via common data rooms (iRoom)
  • Subscription function to receive notifications per email of status changes, approvals, etc.
  • Internationally deployable thanks to Unicode capability


  • Role-based and detailed authorization system (tabs, folders, documents; temporary access, etc.)
  • Separate repositories for different subsidiaries, departments, user groups
  • Audit trail function: who made which changes to documents and when
  • Security through authorization and authentication, SSL encryption, electronic signatures and encrypted data filing
  • Audit-proof archiving of legal documents, emails, processes and records according to ISO 15489

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