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Audit-proof archiving with Doxis4


Archive documents that need to be stored in an audit-proof manner


Protect documents from loss, modification & unauthorized access


Transparent process documentation for audit-proof archiving

Audit-proof at all times

With Doxis4 you can archive all documents verifiably and in an audit-proof manner.

Are you still archiving commercial, legal and technical documents on paper? Then it’s time to go digital and make these processes audit-proof – to comply with international and domestic archiving standards. With Doxis4 you can fulfill the requirements for audit security. Doxis4 has multiple certifications. The audit-proof software ensures that proper electronic archiving is always verifiable: from secure processes to authorized access and the relevant process documentation. Information subject to retention periods is archived in a timely, traceable and tamper-proof manner – and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations. Avoid penalties for incorrect bookkeeping or data privacy violations: Doxis4 provides you with all the relevant documents and proof at any time.

Audit-proof Doxis4 archiving: Your benefits


Certified software for audit-proof archiving


Comprehensive protection against manipulation & loss


Automated fulfillment of retention periods


Verifiably documented archiving process


Quick access to documents & procedural documentation


Traceable EU GDPR-compliant archiving

Best practices

Sensitive documents securely archived

With 2,000 employees, HANSA-FLEX has made the audit-proof archiving of personnel eFiles and payroll accounting its top priority. Learn how the hydraulics specialists securely archive sensitive information with Doxis4.


Certified audit security

Doxis4 has multiple certifications for audit-proof archiving.

Tax codes, commercial codes and principles for the proper retention and preservation of books, records and documents in electronic form, as well as data access: Doxis4 fulfills the requirements for audit security – domestically and internationally. Multiple certifications of Doxis4 attest to its compliance.

Orderly & complete

With Doxis4 you can archive all documents in an audit-proof manner: orderly, complete, secure and without losses.

By the book

Legal and internal compliance requirements are fulfilled for all documents, data and processes across the enterprise in a traceable manner.


Documents, contracts, salary statements, emails: Doxis4 archives all documents in an audit-proof manner – throughout the organization and at all locations.

Always secure

With Doxis4 your entire archiving process is audit-proof. All documents are directly archived at creation, at invoice receipt and right when they arrive via mail.

No losses

When it comes to archived information, Doxis4 automatically complies with legal retention periods. This means that no document is prematurely deleted. On the contrary: you’ll always find what you seek.


Audit-proof archiving & EU GDPR compliance

Archiving documents in an audit-proof manner while also preserving data privacy? It works! Find out here how you can comply with legal retention periods, GoBD requirements and EU GDPR at the same time.


Protected & traceable

With Doxis4 you are not only able to protect your documents, but also to prove your audit security at any time.


Doxis4 ensures the immutability of your documents. It protects them from modifications and manipulation. Access rights make sure that only the right users gain access to documents.


Doxis4 logs each action in electronic archiving: the audit trail function and versioning ensure the transparency of all changes and accesses, e.g. during business audits.


Are you changing your archiving procedure, e.g. by introducing a new system for invoice processing? With Doxis4 you can create the relevant procedural documentation.


Doxis4 enables you to immediately provide all relevant documents and documentation in a ready-to-go format. You’ll be fully prepared for the next audit.


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Audit security, records management, EU GDPR – with Doxis4 you can fulfill numerous information governance requirements: in archiving, in document management, in collaboration, and in all processes. 

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