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purchase-to-pay processes

Purchase-to-pay processes contribute significantly to business growth, but they are also prone to complexity and value leakage. The AI-powered solution suite Doxis Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation picks up where other digital P2P solutions fall short: it automates content and processes to improve information visibility, reduce risk and ensure higher profitability.

Purchase-to-pay leaders are facing tough challenges:

Relationships in purchase-to-pay can be complex without a solution that streamlines content collaboration and visibility.

Money is at stake when purchase-to-pay processes are not perfectly aligned, resulting in missed savings and value leakage.

Although nearly 50% of purchase-to-pay tasks are automatable, too much time is lost on manual tasks and chasing down information.

This is the ROI of Doxis Intelligent
Purchase-to-Pay Automation software:

Purchase-to-pay automation software
Purchase-to-pay automation software from SER
  • Production continuity and higher customer satisfaction due to reliable and on-time delivery of goods

  • More time for value-added tasks due to intelligent automation – up to 70% less time to process invoices. Calculate your own savings here.

  • More profitable supplier relationse.g. reduced value leakage of up to 5% thanks to 360° view of all supplier information

  • Better compliance with regulations and standards to reduce risk 

Customers who lead with intelligent purchase-to-pay automation

Insights for purchase-to-pay process automation

Webinar: Digitize & automate purchase-to-pay

Using SAP alone to manage P2P documents simply isn't enough to ensure profitable, smooth processes: It lacks important workflows and doesn't provide a 360° view of information. Discover the solution in this webinar.

Case study: Uniform, transparent purchase-to-pay processes at August Storck

"In purchase-to-pay, we've minimized the risk of asset loss because overall process reliability is much improved and a wide range of regulatory requirements are met now," says Dirk Stentzel, AUGUST STORCK KG, about Doxis. Read more.

Video: End-to-end purchase-to-pay process with Doxis & SAP

Want to speed up your entire purchase-to-pay process with Doxis and SAP and add transparency? Watch our video for an exclusive insight!

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