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Driving digital transformation in insurance: Helvetia's journey with ECM

Victoria McEwan

In the evolving world of insurance, the speed of progress and digital transformation can be heavily influenced by the efficiency of systems. For Helvetia, with a legacy spanning over 160 years, their digital transformation strategy is a key component for delivering a stellar customer experience and becoming a modern business. Christine Pfaff, Team Lead of Information Technology, recently shared the story of Helvetia’s digital transformation, which three priorities they are focusing on, and how Doxis Intelligent Content Automation is helping Helvetia to achieve them.  

Helvetia's Team Lead of IT speaking at the SER Summit about digital transformation

1. Moving faster for customers

“The most important aspects of our digitalization strategy – we want to become faster, in particular for customers who are our absolute highest priority,” says Pfaff.

In a highly dynamic market landscape, one thing remains constant: Customers are and will always be the heartbeat of Helvetia. What does this mean? Ensuring quicker digital processes and having a single source of truth for all customer-related information are paramount in maintaining a customer-centric ethos and providing high-quality service.

2. Elevating quality for customers

“We also want to improve our quality; this is very important,” Pfaff lists as the second priority.

With a modern and intuitive interface, Doxis supports Helvetia in gaining new views of customers in Doxis, so they can get a better overview of information and improve internal collaboration on documents. This empowers them to deliver a top customer experience by having information available to employees while they’re in direct contact with customers.

3. Eliminating manual work

Christine Pfaff speaking about Helvetia's digital journey with ECM
Christine Pfaff, Team Lead of IT,
Helvetia, speaking the the
SER Summit 2023

"There are opportunities for automation that we have with Doxis. We want to move more and more towards automated and away from manual processes. And Doxis supports us greatly here. Automation is very important."

Efficiency at Helvetia has improved significantly thanks to the digitalization and automation of processes for customers, claims and sales. Insurance documents arrive at the company by email, on paper or via portals. From there Doxis automatically reads the document, forwards it to the right caseworker, and stores it in the correct customer file.
Automated Doxis workflows forward customer communication to the employee with the relevant expertise and availability. This is beneficial because it not only eliminates manual work for employees, but also vastly accelerates customer response times.

Being able to automate key insurance processes, such as claims management, is essential for streamlining operations. It also empowers staff to focus on value-added activities. Automation is at the heart of Helvetia's digital transformation strategy.

Modernizing a 160-year legacy

Helvetia's history spans over a century and a half, with a customer base surpassing 7 million. Over the years, the company amassed a huge archive of over 90 million documents, accompanied by a slew of traditional manual processes. Helvetia previously had highly individual systems that involved a lot of custom coding, which proved expensive and time-consuming to handle. Unfortunately, this led to slower processes, lost time, and challenges in collaboration.

To solve this, Pfaff spearheaded the initiative to replace Helvetia’s legacy document management system with Doxis Intelligent Content Automation. Doxis provides an out-of-the-box, highly standardized solution that is used across the entire workforce, without any need for customization or maintenance. Fragmented systems and information silos are now a thing of the past.

Launching a cloud-enabled, flexible and robust platform means that Helvetia has a future-proof, scalable solution with unlimited storage and user capacities, plus the flexibility to customize what they currently have with add-ons. Doxis is a system that grows and adapts with their business needs.

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How is Doxis making a difference?

Empowering collaboration and efficiency

“By using Doxis, we first of all have a much more intuitive interface, a modern interface and a modern collaboration tool to support teamwork. Also, the views that are available in this tool are much more innovative and you can get a better overview of the files you have in your inboxes...and you can collaborate on documents with each other,” explained Pfaff.

With a modern interface, seamless user experience and multilingual capabilities, approximately 800 users benefit from enhanced visibility into claims, sales and customers and streamlined collaboration.

What’s more, Doxis automatically files all inbound and outbound mail. Customer service teams, claims services and sales management can easily manage their respective documents and daily work easily.

Secure and compliant data management

Compliance is key in insurance, especially when dealing with personal customer data, which is why information governance is essential. With a cloud-based DMS, employees have secure and restricted access to data. This means that Helvetia has the perfect foundation for compliance with a wide range of legal regulations, including EU GDPR.

Exploring the possibilities of AI

"AI – we’ve already started our journey into AI and are in the early stages of discovering what AI can accomplish, how it benefits us, and how we can useful utilize it," says Pfaff.

Helvetia is not alone in exploring the possibilities of AI in their insurance business. In a recent survey, 84% believe AI will revolutionize the insurance sector and 66% of insurers feel AI can help improve workforce productivity.

AI brings a range of capabilities, such as sentiment analysis, to improve processes and case management. AI functions as a mind-reader, discerning customer moods and intentions, which helps to assess a case, its urgency and provide the right service. AI can also recognize and validate all required information in claims processing, saving time and resources. There are many exciting use cases.

Ready for the next 160 years and beyond

Helvetia's digital transformation journey is a testament to adaptability and resilience. By embracing ECM solutions like Doxis, they are setting new standards of efficiency and customer-centricity in the insurance industry.

Discover how modern ECM systems help insurance businesses thrive.

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