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ECM for HR

ECM in HR management

Make your HR processes fast and secure with Doxis4.

Do you need to find HR documents and files quickly at all times while keeping them stored securely? It's easy with Doxis4. Digitalize your HR workflows from end to end with solutions tailored exactly to HR requirements. With Doxis4, you store all HR information in clearly structured electronic files and access the data from anywhere. You transparently manage processes and verifiably meet compliance requirements — from data protection to audit-proof archiving. Doxis4 frees up your time to focus on value-creating tasks.

Doxis4 genuinely gives us a huge advantage and makes our work so much easier. I couldn't imagine going back to how things were before!

Nina Orywal, Human Resource Manager, HANSA-FLEX

Best practice

Digital HR management in 3 months

The HR team at HANSA-FLEX rolled out the Doxis4 electronic personnel file in just three months, saving each employee an hour of searching every day. Read on to find out how the hydraulics specialist has optimized its HR management with Doxis4.

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ECM solutions for HR

Digital personnel & applicant files

bundle together personnel & applicant documents, data from HR & accounting systems, integrated material resources files, etc.

Automated onboarding/offboarding processes

manage the provision & return of access cards by IT, company vehicles & office equipment by purchasing, and much more

Digital file access

enables employees to file digital requests & access their personnel files from any location

Electronic vacation requests

are digitally filed & approved — including on mobile devices — and remain fully transparent throughout

Digital travel expense accounting

means gas station receipts, parking tickets and more can be scanned on a mobile device & submitted directly

Skills management

provides an overview of all employees' skills and manages ongoing professional development, certifications & training

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The advantages of Doxis4


Quickly locate & process HR documents


Access HR eFiles from anywhere


Make your digital HR processes fully transparent


Integrate into HR & accounting systems & into Microsoft Office


Verifiably protect HR data


Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements


Custom-fit solutions for HR

Recruitment, onboarding, employee training, payroll: Digitally manage all your employee-related information and processes with Doxis4. Discover the right Doxis4 solutions for your needs.

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Doxis4 isn't just for HR — its flexible solutions can be deployed virtually anywhere at your company, both within and across departments. Benefit from digital release processes, document management, electronic files and much more. It's the basis for your company-wide digitalization!

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