ERP integration with Doxis

Provide accurate information

Bring together emails, contracts, invoices and much more with ERP transactions and ensure a complete overview of your processes.

Save time & prevent mistakes

Optimize invoice management by automating the capture and verification of inbound invoices and benefit from vendor accounting and liquidity planning updated daily.

Legal requirements? Check!

Automatically comply with retention periods for documents and ERP data and automatically fulfill data protection regulations such as the EU GDPR.

We would not be able to perform in Accounting as well as we do today in if we had stuck to the old processes.”

Jens Michel, Head of Finance, Eissmann Group Automotive

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Information basis for informed responses

Systematically bring together information from ERP, Office and business applications and benefit from a 360° view of projects and business partners for sound decision-making.

Mitigate legal risks

Automate data archiving from your ERP system, automatically comply with retention periods and fulfill the requirements of the EU GDPR.

Familiar work environment

Continue working as normal in your ERP system and directly access documents and additional information from other systems without having to switch between applications.

Faster & transparent processes

Work across systems using the flexible Doxis workflows to integrate ERP transactions automatically in end-to-end business processes and maintain seamless documentation.

How to optimally support your processes

An ERP system is indispensable whenever you process structured data on customers, suppliers, contracts and orders. But you can only work on a business process completely when you have the related documents. Your ERP system and Doxis provide them to you: You’ll find emails, contracts, invoices, etc. in the context of your ERP transactions for a complete overview of your processes — without the hassle of switching between systems, media or searching through redundant data.

These companies are already working with Doxis integrated into their ERP systems

Connector for your ERP system

The Doxis Universal ERP Connector is a generic connector for integrating ERP systems with Doxis. It even works for systems with no dedicated archive interface. As a component of Doxis InvoiceMaster, the Doxis Universal ERP Connector also handles communication between the invoice management solution and the integrated ERP system to ensure, e.g., that extracted invoice data is automatically transferred to the ERP system.



Microsoft Dynamics


Oracle/JD Edwards

And many more

Case study

"With the launch of the electronic records connected to our ERP system Infor, every employee has access to customer or supplier information relevant to their work."

Werner Höltl, Application Manager (Finances)

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ERP integration with Doxis combines information & processes

Combine ERP data & documents

Contracts, delivery notes, invoices, emails: You no longer need to search documents for ERP transactions in document lists, file systems and mailboxes: Doxis provides these directly from the ERP system.

Enhance ERP with DMS functions

Versioning, annotations, filing and searches: Doxis adds missing DMS functions to your ERP system. This enables you to work on documents conveniently and traceably — and manage documents in an audit-proof manner.

Provide context with eFiles

With electronic files, you can bundle data, documents and workflows in Doxis based on various criteria. For instance, the supplier file contains all information relating to a supplier, including their ERP master data.

Inbound invoices & ERP

Integrated inbound invoice processing and approval processes directly in the ERP system: Doxis automates the entire inbound invoice process, from capturing and releasing to fully automated posting in ERP.

SAP integration with Doxis combines everything

With Doxis, you can find all information about your business processes — and with all the Doxis DMS & BPM functions at your fingertips.

Inbound invoices & SAP

Combine data & documents

Provide context with eFiles

DMS functions for SAP


Our business processes are much faster and more efficient thanks to the electronic contract, customer, and supplier records and the fact that the Doxis solution is fully integrated into SAP.

Ulrich Peekhaus, Head of IT, KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG

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Doxis for digital invoice processing

Digital invoice processing workflows can unfold substantial efficiency gains for your business: Many processes can be digitalized, saving you time and money. With Doxis, you automate the entire inbound invoice process and use a certified solution for the audit-proof archiving of all documents.

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