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Project Talk: The University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Bernhard Voita

With a student body of more than 3,000, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, or mdw for short, is a leading international educational institution for music and performing arts. In 2012, the university introduced Doxis in the central administration and organization. Maximilian Sbardellati, head of mdw’s central information technology services, explains how ECM now makes the work of the IT department, which currently has 22 employees, and the other departments easier in different ways.

More than 2,500 employees at 12 locations are responsible for supporting mdw’s students. The administrative work generates huge amounts of documents: applications, reading material for students, documents for the numerous events the university organizes, and much more. Back in 1992, the IT department implemented a system for managing paper records. Since then, however, more and more documents arrive electronically. Furthermore, information is sent to students digitally. mdw therefore decided to introduce Doxis: it was time to digitize the administration.

Archive to process management

Initially, the IT department was just looking for a way to store documents electronically and was focused on simpler search options and transparent, compliant archiving. Using Doxis, however, mdw has much greater potential: processes can also be mapped and managed digitally. The university uses this solution today, for example, for applications with the integrated applicant portal or for IT requirements management. It is now also much easier to make documents available via the university’s website: the latest documents are accessible immediately.

Focus on the digital future

With Doxis, mdw has a sustainable solution with which it can overcome the challenges ahead. Soon, collaboration solutions will simplify cooperation with external parties, accounting will process invoices faster with Doxis and SAP, and student eFiles and digital contract management will make administrative work even more transparent. Doxis will become the central component of digital administration.

The digital university

This video shows you how Doxis streamlines the application process for students and employees and makes all of the university's administrative processes more efficient & compliant thanks to end-to-end ECM.

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