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Electronic lease files with Doxis4



All information about lease agreements in one place


Easier processing of lease workflows & documents


Archive lease agreements securely & transparently — and in line with IFRS 16

Utilize the power of the

Electronic lease files with Doxis4 give you a full overview of all your leasing business.

From vehicle fleets and hardware to containers, plant or printers, the volume of documents involved in leasing is huge. The Doxis4 electronic lease file brings order to the chaos: It bundles together all lease agreements, vehicle titles, terminations, handovers and invoices — uniformly structured and accessible from anywhere. It even contains emails, photos and data from business partners. Doxis4 not only documents all of your leasing business; it also archives relevant documents in line with audit requirements and IFRS 16. Whether you're a lessor or a lessee: Transparently manage your lease assets and never miss a deadline again — let the e work for you!

Electronic lease files with Doxis4: Your benefits


See all information on your leasing business at a glance


Directly access all lease information


Maintain full transparency in all lease processes


Automatically comply with contract & termination deadlines


Archive lease agreements & invoices in line with audit requirements


Effortlessly comply with IFRS 16

Best practice

Electronic lease files for lessors

FCA Bank operates in the automotive financing sector as a provider of lease agreements for motorists. It manages all of these lease agreements with Doxis4. Read on to find out how Doxis4 has greatly improved the quality of service in leasing business at FCA Bank.


What's behind the power of the ?

Doxis4 eFiles simplify your daily work — thanks to the power of the e.

Doxis4 electronic files are your gateway to rolling out digital processes and collaboration company-wide. eFiles pool all information across multiple departments on, e.g. customers, suppliers, products, projects, employees and much more. Doxis4 eFiles make your digital information management:

  • Informed: See all relevant information at a glance
  • Structured: View the business context from all kinds of perspectives
  • Secure: Document processes, protect & store information securely

Best practice

High-performing eFiles for the entire fleet

At the Krone Group, the days of searching through mounds of paperwork for lease agreements are a thing of the past. Today, the purchasing team digitally accesses all leases, orders, invoices, accident reports and photos of damage. Read on to find out how Krone manages its entire vehicle fleet with Doxis4 eFiles.


means centralized

The Doxis4 electronic lease file clearly and systematically bundles together all information from decentralized leasing business.

Central access

Whether you're in purchasing, accounting or a different location entirely, with Doxis4 you access lease files from anywhere and on any device. Handling the handover of some machinery? Just upload the photos directly from on site.

Simple search

Find documents using ID numbers, contract references or the number of a leasing partner, for example. Doxis4 also displays user-selected overviews — for instance, all contracts with a certain partner from the last two years.

Clear structure

Transparently store everything from correspondence and contracts to terminations, machine drawings, damage claim photos and more in the lease file folders — including all document versions.

Universal document viewer

The Doxis4 viewer displays over 250 formats, including images, drawings, PDFs, emails, etc. You open the file without having to install the original application — and without leaving the Doxis4 lease file.

means centralized

The Doxis4 electronic lease file clearly and systematically bundles together all information from decentralized leasing business.

Central access

Simple search

Clear structure

Universal document viewer


Electronic lease files: deployed internationally

Do you lease containers or vehicle fleets in other countries? The Doxis4 lease file is available in 13 languages. Read on to find out how you can manage your leasing business worldwide with Doxis4.


means integrated

Doxis4 puts all up-to-date data on your lease partners at your fingertips.

The Doxis4 electronic lease file brings together all documents and data relating to your leasing business. Simply integrate Doxis4 into your lease management software or your ERP system, e.g. using certified SAP interfaces. Adding a new lease partner to the system? Doxis4 automatically creates a new lease file. Making changes to the data on a lease asset? Doxis4 updates the lease file for you. Simply switch between Doxis4 and your business applications with one click.

means practical

Whether you create contracts as a lessor or manage your assets as a lessee, Doxis4 makes your leasing business a cinch.

Microsoft Office integration

Continue creating your lease agreements in the Microsoft Office environment thanks to the integration with Doxis4 — including DMS functions: Search and archive directly from the documents themselves, or utilize contract templates, annotations and versioning — these are just some of the advantages of managing your contracts with Doxis4.

Automatic deadline reminders

Whether lessor, lessee or both, with Doxis4 you keep complete track of your lease agreement deadlines. Doxis4 not only reminds you in good time about termination deadlines and more, it also supplies you — or, in your absence, your deputy — with the relevant documents.

Cross-department workflows

Automated workflows help lessors to review and approve lease agreements and much more. As a lessee, you manage the entire lease process with Doxis4: e.g. from HR's request for a new company car to the lease of the car by the purchasing team, right through to invoice processing by the accounting team.

means practical

Whether you create contracts as a lessor or manage your assets as a lessee, Doxis4 makes your leasing business a cinch.

Microsoft Office integration

Automatic deadline reminders

Cross-department workflows

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means transparent

With Doxis4, you transparently archive and control all lease processes and documents.

Who approved which lease agreement? When was an invoice paid? Doxis4 documents your leasing business from end to end. You archive contracts, documents and other tax-related paperwork in line with audit requirements: Doxis4 is certified as compliant with these standards and automatically complies with legal retention periods. The result: All the information you need to analyze your lease agreements is at your fingertips. Doxis4 provides a wide array of relevant reports, e.g. broken down by lease type, so you can quickly collate all the contracts required for your accounts, e.g. under IFRS 16.


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EFiles, contract management, invoice processing, release workflows: Doxis4 doesn't only handle your leasing business. Optimize further business processes by deploying Doxis4 across your entire company, from HR to customer service and many other departments.

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