from the outset

Document archiving with Doxis


Archive documents — even eInvoices — in line with audit & EU GDPR requirements


For all documents, processes, data & transactions from leading systems


A reliable body of information at the touch of a button: access all documents at any time

The right document for every posting

Document archiving with Doxis gives you security throughout your entire accounting workflow.

Your documents are a record of your business operations. They form the basis for proper accounting and smooth-running tax audits. With Doxis document archiving, you store all documents with full traceability in line with audit requirements and the EU GDPR. Doxis is certified as compliant with these standards. From inbound and outbound invoices, transaction journals and account statements to account balances, emails and eInvoices: Doxis archives it all and more — automatically and in compliance with legal retention periods. Regardless of how old the transaction is, access the right document and related data from your ERP, financial accounting or resource planning systems within seconds. Doxis puts an end to the threat of sanctions, financial risks and damage to your reputation. With Doxis, all the documents necessary for your next tax audit stay quickly and easily accessible.

Document archiving with Doxis: Your advantages


Archive documents with full traceability in compliance with audit & EU GDPR requirements


Comply with legal retention periods automatically


Find all documents fast — posting data, emails and more


Access all document-related transactions directly


Benefit from full protection from modifications, loss & deletion


Retrieve relevant documents during tax audits for instant viewing

Best practice

Document archiving with Doxis keeps the tide of documents in check

With over 88,000 inbound invoices of up to 300 sides each to handle, Fraport keeps full control of this deluge thanks to Doxis. The airport operator processes and archives all invoices using the Doxis solution integrated into SAP. It also uses Doxis to archive HR and construction documents. Read on to find out how the Doxis archive grows flexibly with Fraport's needs.


Certified security

Compliant document archiving: Play it safe with Doxis certifications.

From delivery notes to HR documents, income tax statements to invoices, with Doxis all inbound and outbound documents are archived in an audit-proof way from the outset. Full traceability protects your documents against unauthorized access, modifications and deletion. Doxis automatically complies with legal retention periods. At the same time, Doxis verifies that documents containing personal data are stored in compliance with the EU GDPR. Doxis is certified for all of the following:

Mit den Doxis4-Zertifizierungen gehen Sie bei Ihrer Belegarchivierung auf Nummer Sicher.

Best practice video

The archive is growing with

Fraport uses electronic archiving with Doxis company-wide. Watch the video to find out how Fraport is continuously extending its electronic archive.


One archive for all documents

Doxis not only archives your documents, it also stores associated records, data and processes: centrally and in the right context.


All document & archive formats

Whether PDF, XRechnung, Fattura PA, PEPPOL, ZUGFeRD 2.0 or any other standard format, Doxis archives them all. Want documents to be readable even after the ten-year retention period is over? Doxis converts them into secure long-term file formats like PDF, PDF/A and TIFF.

Automated data archiving

Doxis automatically archives data from ERP, financial accounting or resource planning systems and assigns it to specific documents. It's easy to archive documents in the right context — or let Doxis do it for you automatically.

Transactions & processes

Doxis even archives the transactions from your specialist applications. The same goes for internal processes (e.g. invoice verification) thanks to a Doxis solution that lets you map your entire inbound invoice workflows.


Doxis4 archiviert Ihre Belege und alle dazugehörigen Dokumente, Daten und Prozesse: zentral und im richtigen Kontext.

One archive for all documents

Doxis not only archives your documents, it also stores associated records, data and processes: centrally and in the right context.


All document & archive formats

Automated data archiving

Transactions & processes



All documents at the touch of a button

From annual financial statements to audits to bid comparisons: With Doxis, you always find the right document for every business process.

All related information

Use metadata and full-text searches in Doxis to find the documents and related information you need: records, data and processes, as well as transactions from specialist applications.

Easily accessible

Access all of your documents and other data directly via Doxis — or even from your integrated specialist applications. Simply switch between systems with one click.

Integrated document viewer

The Doxis viewer displays over 250 formats: images, data from ERP, HR, TMS etc., PDF, PDF/A, electronic signatures, emails and more directly in Doxis — without the need to install the original application.

Temporary audit workstations

Simplify and speed up audits using Doxis to set up temporary workstations during external and tax audits. Your auditor has direct access to all the relevant documents. 

Integrate ERP, financial accounting & resource planning systems

Doxis integrates with all leading systems.

For end-to-end and automated document archiving, integrate your ERP, accounting and merchandise management systems with Doxis. Integration is possible with any business application thanks to universal interfaces. Are you already using SAP? Doxis has certified interfaces for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. They enable you to archive all other SAP data and to turn your Doxis solution into invoice processing that is completely integrated with SAP.

Discover Doxis!

What works for documents works for other records, too! And Doxis is capable of even more: Electronic files consolidate your documents in the business context, automated workflows manage them companywide, while DMS makes transparent processing a cinch. This is the foundation for company-wide digitalization.

Document archiving with Doxis: Technical highlights

  • Certified interfaces to SAP
  • Add document context with freely definable metadata & full-text indexing
  • Automatic transferal of metadata from leading systems
  • Automatic extraction of metadata via Doxis Cognitive Services
  • Recognition/flagging of data with PII/EU GDPR relevance
  • Multiple search options across the entire data pool
  • Comprehensive management of legal holds, retention and deletion periods
  • Secure long-term storage formats: PDF, PDF/A & TIFF
  • Extendible for many other archiving requirements right through to company-wide ECM

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