Best of the blog: Insights & advice to digitally excel in 2021

| Maureen Cueppers

The rise in remote work and processes in 2020 presented IT leaders with a rock-solid argument for accelerating digitalization initiatives to support new work scenarios and ensure business continuity. However, other topics aimed at ensuring more cost-effective operations, productive teams and satisfied customers also rose in importance: e.g. process automation, cloud deployment, information security, application integration and more. Here’s your chance to catch up on the topics and customer stories of 2020 that can help you with your own digital initiatives heading into 2021.

Best of Blog for 2021

SER’s customers successfully switch to remote work »
Remote work was probably the biggest trend of 2020 in the business world. In this article, SER customers share their experiences and challenges of working remotely, and how they solved them with ECM.

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Don’t miss a beat: Digital readiness for business continuity »
The repercussions of the pandemic on business will continue to be felt for a while, which is why this article is still so relevant. It’s more important than ever to be prepared for unprecedented work circumstances – starting with a strong strategy. Even if you’ve experienced some hurdles, this article lays out how to ensure business continuity.

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A SaaS solution for a logistics leader »
“A situation like today’s would have caught us off guard – and we wouldn’t have been able to work..,” says Christian Franz of Kombiverkehr, a European transport leader. From order processing to claims and receivables management to invoice processing, employees can work on processes regardless of location thanks to Doxis SaaS. Learn more about this great success story.

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6 benefits of modernized, digital contract management » 
Contracts have to be archived and managed carefully to meet deadlines or provide information in case of questions – also while working remotely. The business benefits of digital contract management go well beyond transparency, though.

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Compliance with DMS: More than risk management » 
The importance of information security, data protection and compliant records management was heightened this past year due to the rise in remote work. With a document management system in place, however, you can automate information governance and avoid risks and penalties. Our article tells you how.

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"RPA is the machinist and BPM the engineer" »
Robotic process automation is one of the most hyped technologies – and this will continue to be so as companies seek to automate routine and manual tasks and processes. SER CTO Dr. Gregor Joeris warns, however, that RPA has its limitations. He explains why in this interview.

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How Doxis & SAP are solving the digitalization Rubik’s cube to pave the way for intelligent information management »

Digitalization is like a Rubik's Cube: intelligence is key to unlocking the winning sequence of moves – and therefore crucial to face business challenges in the new normal. Yet trying to solve it with SAP alone falls short of fulfilling business needs. In this two-part article, you'll learn why Doxis is the missing piece to create sustainable intelligent information management.

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Future-ready with process automation for agility & adaptability at confectionery producer »
Digitalization solutions must always be agile and adaptable to ensure smooth running for years to come. This is just one reason why AUGUST STORCK KG automated its purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes with Doxis and SAP.

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Change management for successful digitalization at European hydraulics leader »
How did Europe’s leading hydraulics specialist manage to get employee backing for a major digital overhaul in the way they work? Nina Orywal, HR Manager at HANSA-FLEX, spoke with us about the role of change management in digitalization projects.

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Satisfied customers with Doxis Salesforce integration » 
If there’s one thing that every good business knows, it’s to never keep customers waiting. That’s why many companies choose to use CRM systems like Salesforce to help their sales teams respond faster to inquiries. By integrating it with Doxis, organizations ensure that both the front and back offices work together seamlessly & effectively.

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Maureen Cueppers

Hello there! My name is Maureen Cueppers and I’m the Deputy Head of Marketing at the SER Group. I also manage SER’s blog and social media channels. Analyzing, breaking down and clearly explaining the trends & possibilities of intelligent information management for our readers – this is always at the heart of my writing. A native of Oregon (USA), I’m a craft beer enthusiast and have 43 nicknames (the last time I counted).

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