Intelligent information management with Doxis

Stem the tides of information

Utilize AI & machine learning to automatically find, tap into & provide information in your organization.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent information management brings information & processes together. Automate processes securely and transparently.

Securely share information

Does your work involve close collaboration with co-workers, business partners & customers? Doxis facilitates secure & easy teamwork.

"The information transparency that Doxis delivers for all the departments working on our construction projects translates into added value in our day-to-day business."

Meike Strohm-Pécout, IT Project Manager, Siedlungswerk GmbH, housing & urban development firm

Versatile: individual solutions

Based on the Doxis platform, you can implement a versatile range of individual solutions for intelligent information management with combinable ECM, BPM & cognitive services.

Convenient: Push, not pull

You no longer have to know which information is stored where. Doxis finds it for you, integrates it into your business processes and archives it automatically with the right metadata.

Structured: Eliminate information chaos

Automatically bring together information from various sources and organize it context-based. This ensures that every process and workflow is transparent and accountable.

Intelligent: Let the software analyze for you

Gain insights from unstructured data; don’t let it get buried in storage. Machine-learning methods recognize patterns, find relevant content, extract metadata & help detect risks.

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The Doxis building blocks for your intelligent information management

Content services

The flexibly combinable Doxis content services ensure that all kinds of content can be stored, worked on and shared – at any time and anywhere.

Federation service

Facilitate centralized, seamless access to information for all users, system-wide and independent of storage locations.

Cognitive services

Cognitive services integrate artificial intelligence & machine learning into the Doxis platform. They tap information pools & support process automation.

Inbound processes

Intelligent inbound mail processing across all inbound channels in one uniform process – this is what forms the basis for end-to-end digital and automated processes.

Process services

With built-in ECM and BPM technologies, Doxis enhances business processes with intelligent information management for maximum freedom in process design.

Collaboration services

The most secure way for internal and external users to share and work on information and tasks & organize project work in teams – all this is possible with Doxis collaboration services.

A guide to intelligent process & workflow automation

An in-depth look at how cognitive services enhance workflow automation, hybrid processes and case management: with case studies and actionable insights to digitally transform your business processes for long-term agility.



Let your information work its magic

Do you want your information management to be more intelligent? You want information to be provided in the places you need them most? Processes should run automatically based on up-to-date information? Doxis provides the solution: It searches your company’s information sources, from Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint to Salesforce and SAP. Doxis analyzes and classifies documents and data, archives them metadata-based and automatically integrates them into your business processes.

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