Smart, smarter, Doxis4

Intelligent information management with Doxis4


Access all information to use anytime & everywhere


Manage information-enriched processes securely & dynamically


Utilize AI & machine learning to automatically access information

Intelligently connected

Let your information work for you.

Doxis4 adds the intelligence factor to your information management. Effortlessly shed light on the wealth of information in your company by letting the software automatically analyze and provide content for you. You don't even need to know where it's stored. Doxis4 finds, analyzes and classifies the information, feeds it automatically into your business processes and makes it available in your business network. We call it intelligent information management by SER.

Redefining information management

Intelligent information management for your digital transformation

Doxis4 delivers the speed and agility you need throughout all digital processes from end to end — supported by intelligent technologies that access content from all sources and locations. Doxis4 helps companies to:

  • Understand, anticipate & redefine customer experiences
  • Establish agile business processes & innovation
  • Automate compliance & governance

The most important capabilities of content services platforms

Content integration into core business processes 44%
Flexible & hybrid deployment models 39%
Built-in records management 36%
Automated categorization & classification 35%

Source: "State of the Industry - Content Services," AIIM 2019

Doxis4 components for intelligent information management

Content services

Flexibly combinable Doxis4 content services form the core of intelligent information management with Doxis4. They ensure that all kinds of content are consistently stored, processed and shared everywhere, regardless of the source system.

Process services

Doxis4 brings together intelligent information management with business process management. The combined ECM and BPM technology offers maximum freedom to design information-enriched processes — from ad hoc to standard.

Cognitive services

With cognitive services, you shed light on the wealth of information in your company and harness it for intelligent information management and for business process digitalization. Cognitive services bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to the Doxis4 platform.

The basis for IIM: The Doxis4 content services platform


Modular content, process & cognitive services that are regularly further developed & built on


APIs & connectors to integrate, share & manage information & business processes from a wide range of sources


Flexible deployment options in the cloud, on-premises & hybrid — you can switch models at any time


No restrictions when selecting hardware, operating systems, databases & storage technologies


Doxis4 — Your return on information

Keen to unearth the wealth of information in your company and utilize it in your business processes? In this brochure we give you 12 compelling reasons why Doxis4 is the key to intelligent information management for your enterprise.


Platform bonus

Doxis4 can do more!

Take advantage of the platform's full potential: With Doxis4 you can create company-wide solutions that work perfectly together — the basis for intelligent information management throughout the company.

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