Our sales team is able to find all important information in machinery and vehicle eFiles and can always provide immediate information when needed.

Lars Schmerge, ECM Project Manager, Bernard Krone Holding SE & Co. KG

ECM for engineering & construction

Optimize production processes

Accelerate workflows end-to-end throughout the production life cycle with faster access to the necessary documents and greater transparency

Accelerate value creation

A single source of truth for technical information facilitates seamless internal project organization and speeds up the ROI

Minimize risks

Create uniform, quality-assured processes for technical documents and data and minimize your liability risks as a result

When you think about the fact that some circuit boards contain several thousands of components, you realize how much easier work is now. Finding a specific component on a paper plan sometimes took pretty long.

Christian Döring, Process Engineering employee, Neways Electronics Riesa

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360° view of plant & machinery

Doxis is a single source of truth for all information on your plant. It integrates data sources for engineering and maintenance and introduces transparency and security throughout the life cycle.

Efficient production processes

Reduce the costs of development and production through more efficient internal and external cooperation, release and production processes, and immediate access to all required information.

Expedited order & project implementation

Smooth, seamless collaboration both within projects and on production handovers speeds up plant production. Faster project implementation translates to more revenue for your business.

Organized team work

With everyone accessing the same basis of information worldwide, you improve coordination across departments and production facilities, streamline internal project organization and make working with customers and suppliers more efficient and transparent than ever.

Minimize liability risks

The transparent and seamless documentation of all production steps minimizes risks. Doxis archives all supporting documents along with their version history and all audit and release steps over the entire product life cycle.

Maximize lifespans

Enhance your machine operation and maintenance workflows. Replicate ISO structures quickly and easily with the Doxis QM Manual and demonstrably comply with QM requirements and certifications.

Doxis in engineering & construction companies

Create value faster

Inflexibility, fluctuating demand and a lack of integrated business processes, machinery data and associated information pose major challenges that can quickly jeopardize business success. Information is the key to improving processes! With Doxis you can not only optimize production workflows across the entire product life cycle, but also maximize the quality of your plant and expedite order and project implementation.

Best practice

Our experiences of using Doxis on a daily basis are extremely positive. With the central server in Germany a huge distance away, we thought scanning documents locally and transferring the images would be a problem. It most definitely isn't!

Jörn Lamb, Project Manager in the IT department responsible for optical archiving, SEW-EURODRIVE

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To make things easier for our colleagues, the aim was to make the new ECM solution user-friendlier and to enable easy access to the available CAD drawings and their versions. Doxis meets every single one of our criteria.

Klaus Behrens, Head of IT, Raffinerie Heide GmbH

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