Connect information & processes company-wide

Content federation with Doxis4


Use information from all sources in business processes – in the right context


Tap the value of content, benefits & context of all documents, everywhere


Integrate information silos & efficiently connect legacy structures

Harness the value of information silos

With Doxis4, you implement cross-system processes utilizing information from all sources.

Databases, servers, ERP and CRM platforms, Microsoft SharePoint, file directories… Your company stores valuable information in numerous places — mostly isolated and difficult to locate. The result: Delays to critical business processes and an impaired ability to provide information. Content federation services from Doxis4 link together all your information systems. You manage documents and data consistently and in the right context, creating a central point of access to information for users, regardless of the storage location. With Doxis4, you bring information back from obscurity and make business processes run seamlessly.

Content federation with Doxis4: Your advantages


Centrally and seamlessly access all company information


Find & uniformly manage information across systems


Speed up business processes within & across systems


Identify quick wins with content analytics & machine learning


Stay fully compliant, even when dealing with a diverse range of systems


Efficiently consolidate your system landscape & cut costs

Best practice

Directly access all information sources

Looking for customer information in unstructured file directories, numerous archives and the CRM platform takes a lot of patience — or it takes Doxis4! At Sunrise, employees quickly and easily find all the customer files, data and documents they need from across the company. Read on to find out how the telecommunications provider has optimized its information management with Doxis4.

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From isolated systems to content federation

Doxis4 content federation interlinks your information silos and
puts all the information your users need right at their fingertips.

Active information management

Doxis4 finds information from external sources, automatically assigns metadata and connects it to eFiles and processes — so the information can be actively used in business processes, regardless of its storage location.

Context assignment

Doxis4 automatically assigns information to the right context: invoices to vendor files, résumés to application processes, orders to supplier files, etc.

Simple information transfer

Need to version documents from the file directory and archive them in line with audit requirements? Simply transfer them to Doxis4 at the touch of a button and use all the benefits of ECM.

Dr. Gregor Joeris, SER CTO

Our content federation services connect previously isolated content sources and give Doxis4 users seamless access to scattered information stores. They also make it much easier for companies to stay fully compliant and to deploy content analytics and machine learning. Our positioning in Gartner's "Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2019" under Content Integration Services is testimony to our vision.

Dr. Gregor Joeris, CTO of the SER Group

What is your strategy for dealing with content stored in silos?

Providing content integration links between systems 33 %
Migration and consolidation in an ECM system 20 %
Using enterprise search, or search-portal across systems 15 %
Continuing to manage in separate repositories 17 %

Source: AIIM Industry Watch: "ECM Decisions – strategic options for managing, accessing and preserving content"

This AIIM study highlights how differently companies are tackling the issue of harnessing the value of information scattered across different locations. Yet 83% of those surveyed were clear about one thing: No change is not a viable option. Don't let legacy information silos slow you down. Now is the time — for new and integrated strategies. Content federation, enterprise search, migration and consolidation — with its flexible content federation services and numerous connectors, the Doxis4 platform helps you implement your strategy: hybrid, scalable and ready for the future!

One solution for all strategies

Doxis4 is a standardized metadata platform for ECM, BPM & collaboration. With Doxis4, you implement all content strategies — from enterprise search to federated content to consolidation — with just one software solution.

Enterprise search

Quickly find all relevant information regardless of its storage format or location — with the Doxis4 enterprise search function and integrated viewer for over 250 formats.

Content federation

Manage information from external sources, assign metadata and integrate it into processes or electronic files just as if it was stored in Doxis4. It's easy with the Doxis4 content federation services.

Migration & consolidation

Outdated systems cost time and money that you could put to better use elsewhere. With the Doxis4 consolidation service, you simply deactivate legacy systems yet retain access to all documents and data, which are then migrated step by step.

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Content federation & compliance

With Doxis4, you lay the groundwork for compliant information management.

Content federation with Doxis4 unlocks all information, company-wide. It's easy to identify, for instance, personal data or documents subject to retention — in all source systems.

  • Flag information with EU GDPR relevance & irretrievably delete it at any time
  • Protect sensitive information against unauthorized access & manipulation
  • Comply with legal retention periods


Company-wide EU GDPR compliance

Knowing where every last bit of personal data is located is essential for EU GDPR compliance — to ensure it can be properly protected and verifiably deleted. Read on to find out how Doxis4 gives you the peace of mind of knowing you comply fully with data protection requirements.

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One uniform content services platform

As a uniform platform with a common medata layer for all information objects, Doxis4 boasts a range of benefits, including:

Homogeneous architecture

Leave behind a patchwork landscape of individual products and move to a standardized platform with fully integrated services.

All-in-one solution

No need for additional middleware tools to integrate content from external sources.

Highly scalable

Doxis4 is multi-tenant & multi-repository capable and offers unlimited scaling — even for integrating external sources.

Content analytics

Use all the automation and assistant functions of the Doxis4 cognitive services for both internal and external content.


Discover the Doxis4 platform!

With Doxis4, you create a unified platform for information from all sources and cross-system business processes. Doxis4 is the basis for a diverse array of business applications in all areas of your company. On top of this, with Doxis4 you stay fully compliant and maximize data quality to facilitate the effective deployment of AI.

Doxis4 content federation: Technical highlights

  • Services for content federation, enterprise searching & migration
  • Enterprise search & ECM on a single technology platform
  • Uniform metadata for content & workflows from all sources
  • Ideal for cross-system workflows & processes
  • AI-based content analytics for all content
  • Supports multiple organizations & content repositories
  • Numerous connectors, e.g. to SAP, Microsoft, file systems and many more
  • Unlimited links between internal & external content
  • Uniform access to all information via dashboards
  • Convenient consolidation service for migration
  • Compliance: transparent documentation & reports
Further details
Doxis4 content federation: Technical highlights

Gartner Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms 2019*

SER has been recognized in the 2019 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Content Services Platforms (CSP)* report, which analyzes 19 different platforms, their capabilities and suitability for various use cases. Download your complimentary report to find out how SER’s Doxis4 platform stacks up.

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