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Your OpenText Documentum system is outdated, the performance is poor, and it's costing you a small fortune to keep it running? Before you invest in an expensive and complex upgrade, check out your alternatives.

Switch to Doxis Intelligent Content Automation and start benefiting from an AI-powered platform that not only solves the issues of Documentum, but also reduces cost and complexity of migration while unifying systems, content and processes to create a 360° view.

Why you need an alternative to OpenText Documentum

1. Frequent system failure

Is your Documentum system constantly letting you down? Nothing works like it should and your administrators are working through the night to find the cause? We hear you.

Don't let your Documentum slow you down.

Your search for an alternative is over. Time to upgrade to a state-of-the-art platform with high availability: Doxis.

2. High costs

How much your Documentum is really costing you:

  • Maintenance costs: Maintenance fees for Documentum are high and you get little in return. Switch to Doxis Intelligent Content Automation on a subscription basis: You'll immediately benefit from a modern, AI-supported product and automatically get the latest innovations.

  • Personnel costs: To operate and maintain your outdated Documentum system, you need employees with the appropriate skills – or you have to train them accordingly. Free up resources to create a modern infrastructure with Doxis.

  • System failure costs: How many employees still know their way around your Documentum system? How quickly can you solve technical issues? If employees have to learn how to fix them first, you’ll end up slowing down critical business processes.

3. Outdated technology

Is your Documentum serving as an expensive and slow archive right now? Documentum users complain of outdated technology and a lack of business solutions, rudimentary collaboration functionality and poor content discovery. Switch to the visionary platform Doxis Intelligent Content Automation by SER, recognized by analysts as the technology leader.

Ready to take the next step?

What you gain with Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Quicker discovery,
faster processes

  • With AI-supported Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, information is immediately found and assigned to the right processes
  • No wasting time: Individually filter and sort search results by topic

Break down silos &
get a 360º view

  • Doxis unites information from leading business applications like SAP, Salesforce & more to create a 360º view
  • Doxis delivers the context of documents, e.g., about customers, suppliers, use cases, etc.

Don't lose time &
start right away

  • With extensive Doxis solution packages, e.g. for contract management, HR, purchase-to-pay, & more, you can start working with an innovative solution quickly
  • Managed services & Doxis cloud solutions pave the way for direct deployment

Why Doxis is superior to legacy Documentum

Doxis Legacy OpenText Documentum
Technology 87% of our customers recommend Doxis*. Excellent scores in 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities report; highest score in current offering category and rated a “Strong Performer” according to Forrester Customers* report increasingly outdated platform; upgrade to OpenText costly and complex
Innovation AI embedded across Doxis platform; constant flow of innovations for customers Analysts doubt OpenText’s willingness to further invest into innovations for legacy systems
Reliability Highly stable and reliable. World’s largest commercial archive (DHL), based on Doxis, is available 24/7 Customers complain about poor performance and frequent system failures
Support Enjoy timely and high quality support with SER. We offer enhanced service & support packages in Silver, Gold & Platinum Customers complain about complex maintenance, expensive but inadequate support
Business solutions Wide range of business solutions: HR, QM, contract management, P2P, etc. Lack of business solutions, customers say
Connectivity Standard interfaces to best-of-breed applications like SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce & many more Legacy Documentum lacks standard interfaces like SAP & Microsoft SharePoint

*Based on discussions with companies that switched from Documentum to Doxis; also based on customer reviews in Peer Insights.

Why switch to Doxis?
Just ask our customers.

We were impressed by the quick migration. Considering that our previous cooperation with SER was also so positive, we can definitely recommend the company as a reliable partner who takes good care of its customers.

Helpful advice & best practices for your next move

White paper: Minimize the costs & risks involved in ECM migration

Our tried-and-tested migration concept plus our Doxis Consolidation Service developed in-house will ensure your migration is carried out during operation: quickly, securely and under control.

Customer success story: Migration without downtime

How Raiffeisen Bank International AG migrated approx. 1 Terabyte in documents and data to Doxis during live operation - and their employees never missed a beat.

Video: AI-enhanced platform consolidation

Watch this video to see the cutting-edge, AI-supported approach to migrating content and metadata to Doxis.

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