Context is king

Email archiving with Doxis


Provide emails in the right business context


Archive all emails in line with audit & EU GDPR requirements


Integrate into Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, IBM Notes and more

Emails in the right context

Email archiving with Doxis is the foundation for transparent and secure business processes.

Regardless of whether it's a query from a business partner or changes to a customer order: If time-critical emails are left untouched in personal inboxes, this can pose a real risk. Email archiving with Doxis takes emails and attachments out of this silo structure and archives them in the right business context to make them available company-wide. Customer inquiries, order histories, invoices, contracts — Doxis creates a 360° view of all information. You can even see the processing status of an email immediately with Doxis. At the same time, your emails are archived in compliance with audit requirements, legal retention periods and the EU GDPR. Doxis is certified as meeting these standards. Archive your emails securely with Doxis — and access them in the right context at the touch of a button.

Email archiving with Doxis: Your advantages


Find emails & attachments fast and in the right business context


Access all archived emails centrally


Benefit from a certified solution: audit proof & EU GDPR compliant


Track the processing status of emails transparently


Save time with automated email archiving


Free up storage space & improve your email server performance

Best Practice

Automatically audit-compliant

When the next company audit is due, Duravit knows it is on the safe side. The corporate group uses Doxis to archive tax-related emails — automatically and in line with audit requirements. Read on to find out how Duravit integrates all Lotus Notes mailboxes across all locations with Doxis and how the solution has even won over the workers' council.


Email archiving made easy

Doxis lets you archive emails securely, efficiently and flexibly.

Manual archiving

In Doxis, users simply drag and drop single or multiple emails to archive them in customer files or elsewhere. Doxis helps to ensure emails are stored in the right business context — and prevents duplicate filing.

Partially automated archiving

Doxis automatically archives selected emails, e.g. all emails with attachments, business correspondence, emails exceeding a certain size or age. Exceptions can be defined at any time.

Fully automated archiving

Doxis automatically archives all inbound and outbound business emails using journal archiving. Archived emails are deleted from the server. You can continue to search and view archived emails as normal.

Certified security for all emails

Doxis archives all emails securely and with full traceability.

To protect your business secrets, it's essential you keep track of who sends and receive what emails and when. Emails archived in Doxis are verifiably protected against unauthorized access, manipulation and deletion. Doxis is certified as meeting these standards in accordance with IDW PS 880.

  • Archive your emails in line with audit requirements & automatically comply with legal retention periods
  • Store emails & attachments using secure long-term file formats: PDF & PDF/A
  • Make relevant emails available to auditors at the touch of a button


Email archiving & EU GDPR

Whether it's data on partners, customers or employees, emails contain plenty of personal information. With Doxis you archive and delete these emails with full traceability — to make managing EU GDPR and audit compliance requirements a cinch. Read on to find out the best way to protect your data with the certified solution, Doxis.


Find & file emails

Filing emails is easy with Doxis — and once archived, they can be searched context dependent and company-wide.

Quick search

Users can search Doxis to find not only emails but the entire processing history, for instance, from customers and business partners. Search for sender, recipient, attachment names or entire text passages.

360° view of business transactions

Is further information associated with the email? Doxis has it on hand. Take customer inquiries, for example — users have immediate access to related contracts, customer files and ongoing transactions.

Metadata transferal

Doxis automatically extracts all metadata from archived emails, such as sender, recipient and subject. This helps with manual filing and retrieval.

Automatic & intelligent assignment

Doxis automatically assigns emails to the right context, for instance, customer inquiries are assigned to customer files and offers to supplier files. Doxis also initiates follow-up processes such as service activities and much more.

Clever integration

Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Salesforce: Doxis integrates all of your email programs, ERP and CRM applications.

Integrate all email programs with Doxis for comprehensive email archiving. Use the Doxis add-ins in Microsoft and IBM to file and search directly from the application. In Outlook, for example, emails are archived by simply dragging them to Outlook folders. Doxis also offers certified SAP interfaces and integration scenarios for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics: Email senders are automatically identified, for example as customers or suppliers in the respective system, and their emails assigned to the corresponding transactions, processes and files.

Discover Doxis!

From emails to documents to data: Doxis archives all of your information securely and in the right context. Digital inbound mail and Doxis workflows let you manage documents and tasks both within and across departments — and create the basis for company-wide digitalization.

Email archiving with Doxis: Technical highlights

  • Manual & automatic archiving of emails with or without attachments & metadata; optional journal archiving
  • Intelligent context control: automatic recognition of the business context of emails & corresponding archiving
  • Email archiving in Doxis eFiles by dragging emails to Outlook folders
  • Email archiving in multiple contexts, duplicate free
  • Search archived emails & other Doxis context simultaneously & directly from the email application
  • Integration & add-ins: Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Outlook 2010 & 2013, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino
  • Cognitive Services: recognize & flag content, e.g. personal data
  • Option to exclude private emails from being archived
  • Prevent the same emails from being archived multiple times
  • Extendible for many other archiving requirements right through to company-wide ECM

Discover Doxis

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