ECM for pharma & life sciences

Documented compliance

Provide evidence of your compliance with all regulatory requirements to the authorities, business partners and customers alike.

Efficient production processes

Automate your document-driven production processes and prevent costly errors.

Exceptional product quality

Document quality and ensure that production processes not only run smoothly but also keep on improving.

Marc Volquardsen

What makes Doxis different from a conventional DMS platform? Its integrated processes! You have a solution that fully enables you to create documents, manage them via workflows, and document the entire process directly.

Marc Volquardsen, Product Manager for the Doxis QM Manual

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Prove compliance

Take no risks: From creation to ongoing management, all documents stay fully traceable and under your control. Doxis gives you a DMS solution that ensures the validity of your information and simplifies the complex field of compliance.

Expedite research & approval processes

Automate the creation and coordination of patent documents, drug approval paperwork and more and cut down on the time and effort spent on document management.

Breeze through audits

Document ISO standards, the comprehensive protection of sensitive documents, changes to process descriptions and more and quickly provide all information to auditors when required.

Prevent mistakes & enhance quality

Help your employees to follow compliance and QM requirements by making the latest QM manuals available to everyone at all times — and improve the quality of your processes as a result.

Boost research productivity

Collaborate with international research partners, medical professionals and suppliers quickly, transparently and securely in the Doxis iRoom. Another benefit: Everyone can work in their local language.

Structure work

Provide employees with all the information they need on studies, research projects, approval procedures and much more in structured digital files that also simplify correct filing.

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Show your competitors the door

New drug approvals are at an all-time high, and biosimilars and generics are competing with their branded counterparts. With Doxis you accelerate document-driven processes and stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to securing patents and production approvals — without neglecting ever-stricter regulatory obligations. Doxis is verifiable: It fully enables you not only to manage documents, but also to demonstrably document quality and compliance and prevent costly errors.


Quality management with Doxis

Keep all employees apprised of the latest guidelines, process descriptions and work instructions with Doxis — and prove your compliance with quality standards at any time. Read on to find out how the Doxis QM manual supports your quality management systems.

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Records management in a regulated environment

Companies in the pharma and life sciences sector are heavily regulated — and a reprieve is not on the horizon. Doxis helps you comply with records controls and documentation obligations.

  • Comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 on electronic records & signatures
  • Store your records audit compliantly: Doxis automatically complies with legal retention periods
  • Manage the data of trial participants in accordance with the EU GDPR — Doxis is certified as compliant


Certified security with Doxis

Doxis is certified to meet numerous domestic, international and sector-specific laws, regulations, norms and standards. Find out here which compliance requirements you can meet with Doxis.

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A guide to automated & compliant workflow management

An in-depth look at what workflows must deliver today to meet ever-evolving demands in regulatory compliance & auditability: with case studies and actionable insights to digitally transform your business processes for long-term agility.


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