Does the future look bleak? Switch from Saperion to Doxis!

Migration from Saperion to Doxis

Why change?

Is your Saperion system a discontinued model? Does support & maintenance fall short of expectations? Is it hard to find a competent person to help you? Then it's high time you switched to the state-of-the-art ECM platform, Doxis. Benefit from a future-ready solution that is continuously being further developed, integrates intelligent technologies and offers hybrid deployment models. SER will help you decommission your legacy Saperion system risk-free — our tried-and-tested Doxis migration concept enables a smooth transition during live operation.

Modern information management with Doxis


Continuously enhanced platform & services


Quick & straightforward service & support


High-performing, scalable BPM & file technology


Easy to configure to your individual needs


Smooth running, also via managed services


Modern user interface & excellent usability

What you gain with Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Quicker discovery,
faster processes

  • With AI-supported Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, information is immediately found and assigned to the right processes
  • No wasting time: Individually filter and sort search results by topic

Break down silos &
get a 360º view

  • Doxis unites information from leading business applications like SAP, Salesforce & more to create a 360º view
  • Doxis delivers the context of documents, e.g., about customers, suppliers, use cases, etc.

Don't lose time &
start right away

  • With extensive Doxis solution packages, e.g. for contract management, HR, purchase-to-pay, & more, you can start working with an innovative solution quickly
  • Managed services & Doxis cloud solutions pave the way for direct deployment

Companies that have already switched to Doxis

Secure migration with the Doxis Consolidation Service

The Doxis Consolidation Service draws on our experiences from hundreds of migration projects. Special features include:

Audit-proof migration

Audit-proof, comprehensive and transparent migration during live operation

Short project lead times

Short project times thanks to the high-performing data transferal from the legacy system

Independent migration system

An independent migration system minimizes risks and disburdens production systems

Quality assured

Efficient methods with preliminary analysis and test migration ensure quality

Move to the Doxis ECM platform: calculated, planned, under control

With an efficient, secure and proven migration concept, the Doxis Consolidation Service facilitates a smooth transition to the modern content services platform Doxis. It ensures that migrations of any dimension can be calculated, planned and managed.
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