Connecting the dots in HR: Improving daily work in SAP SuccessFactors with integrated document management

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Automate HR documents and workflows across SAP SuccessFactors

Is HR document management in SAP SuccessFactors costing you precious time and resources? Time you would rather spend on recruiting talent and nurturing employees? By automating HR processes, such as recruiting or on/offboarding, you end up saving 14 hours per week, as a recent study shows. Discover how content automation in SAP SuccessFactors digitizes and consolidates your HR documents into a single view – saving you time and improving your work quality.

In this webinar, we'll explore how intelligent content automation in SAP SuccessFactors helps you:

Achieve one secure view to manage all your HR content, including concurrent employment data - anywhere, anytime

Save time by automating the employee lifecycle from hire to retire through contract workflows, automated notifications & more

Improve compliance through role-based access rights and retention rules in line with data protection policies

Reduce admin time and costs through self-service functionalities and customized documents

Max Gerrard

My name is Max and I am an experienced software evangelist, solution engineer and customer success leader with a passion for high-quality software and outstanding customer service. I am on a mission to revolutionise the content services platform industry through SER’s leading Intelligent Content Automation solution. I head the Solution Engineering team and help people who use SER products to achieve their business objectives.

My strengths are in creating simple solutions to complex problems for our customers, building and leading teams, and making things happen. I have a broad range of technical knowledge (e.g. in networking, databases, coding, APIs, mobile development environments and user experience) and extensive market experience in the healthcare, gaming, defence, media, retail and financial services sectors.

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